Friday, August 13, 2010

Bracelets, Chains and Links.. Oh My!

 The weatherman predicts straight chills in the forecast for these Guys!  Iced out Bracelets, Chains and Grills... Oh my! Ice, ice and more ice, in every color you can imagine! Pink, red, yellow and even black diamonds adorn the necks of most Hip Hop Artists! They are treating themselves to the best the Diamond district has to offer!   Hip Hop is definitely leaving its mark and influences on the diamond market. These custom Urban Jewel Designs are very unique and put a new spin on what we know as "Bling".

 These custom jewels don't come cheap!

Just to think the price of this Bling can be used to make a hefty down payment on a house or equivalent to the price of a brand new car! Or even feed millions of hungry children.

(I was told not to muzzle myself or my radical views, so here we go...)

 I think these over embellished trinkets make a mockery out of the true face of Hip Hop! These short lived repetitious fads of wearing over-sized chains just re-instate the racially charged buffoonery images that plague us to this day! We help contribute to these endless negative stereotypical Images! How? Think of all the rappers that you have seen  hop up on stage with half braided hair or Sagging wears!!! Think! Think about the racist Sambo images from the early sixties and the painted  "Black face". Think!

      Woe to the men, women and children who
      have to work the mines for your shine!
         But I will not go there today!

These Iced out Bracelets and Chains  link us back to a history we are too quick to forget! A dark history that failed to acknowledge us as humans and sold us like cattle, separating father from son. HHmmm.  ( I am not going there either) Chains are a symbol for bondage and slavery. The Chains and Links that adorned the bodies of our ancestors were made of harsh corrodible metals... now we have upgraded to platinum and white gold!
We have to be more conscious of ourselves and our history. Too many of us are enslaved within, our minds and spirits, oppressed! We are distracted and content by the minimal basic pleasures of life. Just look at the all liquor stores, jewelery stores, pawn shops,Chinese restaurants, foreign owned 99 cent store and countless EBT taking establishments!! All Comfort for the Great? The only things they contribute are High blood pressure, Diabetes, a Bad liver and a momentary joy to mask the pain and real problems in our communities. Its an efficient system leading to our destruction! 

Shame on the Businesses that give us
crappy service and take our money!!

  Ok Chyna! Breathe!

One Time For Your Mind: All I am saying is, We all have to be more conscious! Be Conscious of the impressions we leave behind for our children. There are so many complaints, but who will pick up the mantle and lead the way? 

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  1. Well there is so much I can say. But the truth is who will listen? Diamonds are a great investment because they never lose value. But chains are secretive sign of oppression. But we oppress each other everyday. We are lacking in unity. Some may say you are criticizing because you can't afford their jewelry and you are jealous. Though that is not the case, they will find some followers that believe them. We are a society of lost souls. But even god is used to oppress us. You ever heard? You don't need a lot of money as long as you got the love of god. I'm sure it wasn't a broke black man that came up with that. I'm sure it was some rich white slave owner. Let's all chime in and state our views. Chyna great job.

  2. Thank you all so very much for taking a moment out of your time to read my blogs. My aim as a blog writer is to provoke thought. Thank you again and enjoy future readings.
    Ms.Chyna Black