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Cosmetic Surgery: The Opt to Nip n Tuck

What God didn't give you... you can simply purchase!

Cosmetic Surgery is on the rise! What was once an option for Hollywood's Elite and upper middle class, is now available to everyone! The average Joe or Jane with a steady job or a half way decent credit line, can opt for plastic surgery! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 13.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in the United States in 2010, up 5 percent from 2009. Booty, Booty, booty, booty rocking everywhere!! (Sorry Yin Yang Twins Moment)

The most common procedures are Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and the very popular  Buttock Augmentation.

Choosing to Nip n Tuck?
There is mixed opinion about Cosmetic Surgery... Honestly, If I could afford a top of the line surgeon and his top of the line prices... I would totally consider cosmetic surgery. People choose to Nip and Tuck for many different reasons. Whether if its choosing to remove an unwanted birthmark or to have corrective or reconstructive surgery. All of these procedures should be well thought out. Choosing to enhance your beauty is a personal decision that you must make on your own or with your significant other.

Cosmetic Surgery Risks
All surgeries pose some sort of risk, but there are no short cuts to Cosmetic Surgery procedures! Cosmetic surgery should not be done in secret or in someones basement or by an unlicensed Practitioner!! Botched surgeries can cause irreversible damage and  possibly cost you your life. Just this week, Wed. Feb.9, a young woman died after receiving silicone injections in her buttocks. She traveled from London to a Philadelphia hotel to get the injections. It is reported that she later complained of chest pains and had trouble breathing; she later died at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. It is unclear if the individual who administered the injections was licensed or not, the investigation is still pending.

 Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Before and After

Have you ever considered Cosmetic Surgery? 
And If so, what would you have done??

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  1. As of now nothing are impossible when it comes to beauty changes. You can get that celebrities like looks as long as you had money. You can change your noise trough rhinoplasty or change that unlikely shape of your face. Surgery will do the trick as long as you know the right place where you can change your outlook.