Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Thumbs up for Captain America!

This 2011 Comic Book Movie is worth the eleven bucks I paid to get in and see it!! The movie takes place during the 1940's, where every able bodied man wanted to enlist in the Army and protect American soil. Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers who wants to be a soldier but is constantly denied because of his size and laundry list of medical problems. Steve later catches the eye of a scientist named Stanley Tucci, who approves him for the army and later performs an experimental procedure transforming Steve from a punk to a hunk. The story line gets interesting as Captain Steve Rogers aka (Mr. Sexy Pants, *Giggle*) comes face to face with his rival, the German Villain, Johann Schmidt played by Hugo Weaving, who is also Stanley Tucci's experiment gone wrong. ( Did you get that?) You know the deal, Hero vs. Villain, battle, saves world and gets girl. Well not quite, Captain Steve Rogers aka. Captain America and the beautiful Peggy played by Hayley Atwell, never really get together but the chemistry is evident and sealed by a very brief kiss. ( Loved Peggy's bright red lips... Hwot!)

For the record, I am sssooo not into these Comic Book Movie re-makes, but I really did enjoy this one. Captain America and my buttery movie popcorn topped off my Sunday just fine.

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