Monday, June 11, 2012

Red Lipstick: There's a perfect shade for you!

There is nothing sexier than a pouty pair of red lips. Red Lipstick is stylish and forever trendy! Many women tend to shy away from this bright seductive color...but I am here today to say there is a perfect shade of red for every women!

Red Lipstick is often advertised  and associated with fair skin. Shades of red go well with any skin color! The key to red lipstick is finding the right shade that will compliment your skin tone and lip shape.  

 How to Find The Perfect Red??
When shopping for red, skin tone plays a major factor. Women with fair skin tones can choose from a family of bright true reds. Women with darker skin complexions should look for deeper richer shades of red. Take your time and even test the red by using a sample to mark your hand. Once you've found your perfect match you can turn up any outfit with your new sexy red! All shades of Red spell out S-E-X-Y!!

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