Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hip Hop ? Is that you???

Where is Hip Hop? I want to see him face to face!  
Some say he was kidnapped, others say he is dead!

Many people are not happy with the "face" Hip Hop today! The Cosmetic Surgery has got to be reversed! The face of Hip Hop is unrecognizable! Its all dolled up with no real substance these days. "Real" Hip Hop is not a fashion or Fad! Its Swag and the art of True Lyricism!

When is the last time some of  these artists sat down with a pen and pad ?! There are too many artists making millions with "chalk board rhymes". "Chalk Board Rhymes" is my sarcastic way of describing the simplistic, Predictive and thoughtless Lyrics that I hear these days!

Woe unto the unsigned hungry artists that dedicate 100% of  themselves into making Great music. Woe unto these Lyricists with their tattered notebooks of countless Sixteens, ready and eager to get on! There is no place for you! You are working way to hard! If you are an intelligent artist that writes Actual Rhymes... There is no place for you in the game today! Dumb it down Son! Your Lyrical content better consist of Vulgar demeaning language, that reflects a true lack of education and moral value.

Okay, Chyna  where are you going with this one??
 Excuse the sweet sarcasm...please. Forgive me for my radical thoughts and unleashed tongue! 

Writers continue to write and perfect your craft, as will I. But Honestly...

Do you like the direction Hip hop is going?? Who are some of the Artists in the Game that represent the True Art Of Lyricism?

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  1. this is truelly amazing I agree with you on artist making millions for abc rythmes I feel like people dont appreciate the true essence of hiphop any more . all and all artist like myself and all the rest of the brother have to realize were responsible for the message we put out . being a concious artist I would have been bitter cause saying and doing less is in . hahah a but in all actualality that just means theres a wider lane for me to maintain I like my odds .lol peace