Monday, August 23, 2010

Online Dating... Yay or Nay?

In these days and times an activity as simple as dating is often time consuming. The weekends seem to fly by, leaving very little time to have an adequate social life.Why not cut through the chase by  finding a love connection on the world wide web! There are countless social networking sites that join people together everyday. Just type in your likes or dislikes, upload a picture and its on !

There are a few benefits to match making online. For starters, it is less time consuming, you can browse through hundreds of profiles at the click of a mouse. You get to meet people you normally would not encounter in your day to day activities. Online dating allows an individual the opportunity  to screen candidates by using the information given in profiles. There is also the option of choosing your potential dates by their age, race, education or even economic status. Nice ;)

Do you remember going on a blind date and when meeting the person they just weren't quite what you imagined? Well, Online dating services can save you time, money and lots of wasted energy on hit and miss dates. Most profiles supplied by these "match making services" are detailed, providing pictures and contact information when necessary.

Many are concerned about the possible dangers when it comes to match making on the internet. I think you take the same risks meeting a perfect stranger on the street. You really don't know who anyone is until you take the time to get to know them.

Now a days, most people are committed to a full work schedule that leaves them very little time for leisure. What do you think about online dating? Would you date someone you met online? Or Are you against the idea of online dating?

Talk is definitely Cheap. So drop a dime on em!
~Its Ms Chyna B.~

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