Friday, August 27, 2010

Step into Your Greatness

This Blog entry is a testament to my journey as a writer. At the beginning of  2010 I was motivated and thrust towards my dreams by a whirlwind of life altering occurrences. Inspired by life, death, pain and joy, I became motivated by my own fears. Motivated by the fear of living and doing absolutely nothing with my life.

I began to look in the mirror daily at my reflection. I started trying to figure out who the woman was that stared back at me?!  I began to see someone with lots of potential. Looking back at me, was a mother, Doctor, Lawyer, Preacher, Teacher, Sexologist (giggle), and More!. I was re-introduced to the person I abandoned years ago when I became a mother and a wife. Don't misunderstand me please, I am proud of  those accomplishments. But I embraced and nurtured everyone but myself!  I left Chyna standing there alone, drowning her out in a sea of "I got it", "I will do it" and "I am here".

Back to the Basics... Me.

So after a failed marriage, too many funerals and lots of Ice cream nights, I opened the door to self love. I began to love me and recognize my own strengths. I had to get me right!

Ladies and Gents, 
Fall in love with you! Love yourself and your life. There is no excuse in the world not to do better for yourself! Not to pursue your dreams! Everyday that you wake up and move, means that you are doing better than many that aren't able to.  I stand as living proof that despite the many unfair obstacles that are thrown your way by life... You can still make it! You can still chase your dreams. Its a process, a life long process. If you trip and fall, dust your knees off, and if you are fortunate grab a hand, pull yourself up and continue to go!

I hope to make this ambitious spirit contagious!

What ever your strong-holds are, Pray, gather your strength, stand upright and walk away. If you can't walk away today, take small steps that will lead to your escape tomorrow. I am no saint or a motivational speaker. I am just a writer, who loves writing. Its an outlet for me to vent and provoke others to think. The Mind is a powerful tool. Your vision starts from within and can only be brought to life by you! Surround yourself by people that are striving for Greatness. Trust me, their motivation and energy will rub off and you too will be infected by it. Step into your Greatness!

I want to thank you, the reader for supporting Me. I will try my best to continue to write and deliver you... me. Love is love.

Yours, Ms.Chyna BlaQ

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