Monday, August 30, 2010

Full Figured Fun!

From Lucille Ball to Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood is no stranger to full figured Booties. Oops I mean Beauties! Many of the early Hollywood sex symbols wore a size 10 or better! Their hour glass shapes represented the normal eating women of America.

Why has Hollywood's image of Beauty changed so drastically in the past 50 years? Once glamorized Full Figured 10's are now pushed aside for ultra thin size 0's. These fashioned frail frames advertised contribute to  many of the problems and insecurities women have concerning their self image today. Too many women have purged, taken diets pills or skipped meals to achieve "model like" looks. Did you know that studies show girls start dieting as early as 10 years of age?


       Do you Look Like a Barbie Doll?

The Barbie doll is an unrealistic design of a woman created by a man. This tippy toed, tiny waist, multi-profession Diva should have crows feet and bunions by now! This Doll is a total unrealistic fabrication of  what a woman should look like!  But yet Plastic surgeons make millions daily carving her likeness onto brain washed, low self esteemed women! Since when does emaciated or stick figured mean sexy?!

Curves are the current trend these days! Doesn't everybody like a little meat on their bones?! A little Steak on their Plate! Well whether Hollywood embraces it or not, these Divas are sporting their Lovely Lady Humps! Men are going bonkers over all this full figured fun! Some men have a preference for fuller framed females. A Voluptuous woman can match the beauty of thin model any day. Their beauty should be appreciated and equally represented in magazines.

                          Real Beauty starts with good health and happiness.

 At the end of the day, our perception of beauty should not be based on what Hollywood finds acceptable. It should be based on what we as women find to be acceptable and how we feel about ourselves. Extreme confidence is the key, feeling good about yourself makes you more attractive and illuminates the real you! Embrace and own your uniqueness!

Are you a full figured Vixen, who is proud of her God given Curves? Speak!!! Are you a Male or Female who prefers their women curvy??  Speak!!

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~Ms. Chyna Black~

Friday, August 27, 2010

Step into Your Greatness

This Blog entry is a testament to my journey as a writer. At the beginning of  2010 I was motivated and thrust towards my dreams by a whirlwind of life altering occurrences. Inspired by life, death, pain and joy, I became motivated by my own fears. Motivated by the fear of living and doing absolutely nothing with my life.

I began to look in the mirror daily at my reflection. I started trying to figure out who the woman was that stared back at me?!  I began to see someone with lots of potential. Looking back at me, was a mother, Doctor, Lawyer, Preacher, Teacher, Sexologist (giggle), and More!. I was re-introduced to the person I abandoned years ago when I became a mother and a wife. Don't misunderstand me please, I am proud of  those accomplishments. But I embraced and nurtured everyone but myself!  I left Chyna standing there alone, drowning her out in a sea of "I got it", "I will do it" and "I am here".

Back to the Basics... Me.

So after a failed marriage, too many funerals and lots of Ice cream nights, I opened the door to self love. I began to love me and recognize my own strengths. I had to get me right!

Ladies and Gents, 
Fall in love with you! Love yourself and your life. There is no excuse in the world not to do better for yourself! Not to pursue your dreams! Everyday that you wake up and move, means that you are doing better than many that aren't able to.  I stand as living proof that despite the many unfair obstacles that are thrown your way by life... You can still make it! You can still chase your dreams. Its a process, a life long process. If you trip and fall, dust your knees off, and if you are fortunate grab a hand, pull yourself up and continue to go!

I hope to make this ambitious spirit contagious!

What ever your strong-holds are, Pray, gather your strength, stand upright and walk away. If you can't walk away today, take small steps that will lead to your escape tomorrow. I am no saint or a motivational speaker. I am just a writer, who loves writing. Its an outlet for me to vent and provoke others to think. The Mind is a powerful tool. Your vision starts from within and can only be brought to life by you! Surround yourself by people that are striving for Greatness. Trust me, their motivation and energy will rub off and you too will be infected by it. Step into your Greatness!

I want to thank you, the reader for supporting Me. I will try my best to continue to write and deliver you... me. Love is love.

Yours, Ms.Chyna BlaQ

Cougar - Rific!

Living La Vida Cougar?! 

Now here I thought a cougar was a species of wild cat, But I must have been misinformed. So what exactly is a Cougar? The dictionary defines a cougar to be a female that dates a man significantly younger than herself. Okay. So whats all the fuss about? Is it a crime for a Gal to be older than her man?? Age should be based on how you feel and carry yourself, and not the actually number.

 Technically speaking...
 Research shows that women reach their sexual peeks at 40, while men touch down at 20! So it would make perfect sense for a older woman to date a younger man. Some men look for the experience, knowledge and sexual confidence most older women possess. Older women are ripened and have reached a point in their lives where they know exactly what they want.

I think any women would be attracted to the high energy levels men in their 20's possess... can you say stamina, stamina and more Stamina! Yes Lord! Okay.

 The emergence of a Sexy New Age-Defying Vibrant woman is a beautiful thing! We do not expire, or loose ourselves after tough life experiences like, child rearing, divorce or menopause. A woman re-innovates herself through experience and will forever possess beauty because of her ability to deliver new life into the world. 

Which ever way you spin it, Diva or Cougar... Ladies we are the Best!! Do it up!

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~Its Ms.Chyna Black~

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light skin vs. Dark skin...


The battle of the shades!

Why are we lead to believe that Lighter shades of skin are more attractive than darker shades of skin?!

Finger through your top five fashion magazines in any local news stand and you will see for yourself what I mean. Lighter skin is glamorized on most advertisement used in magazines. Lots of High End fashion designers use fair skin models to advertise their products and clothing lines. The pop singer Beyonce is a spokesperson for Loreal  hair products. The company was accused of airbrushing her finalized pictures and making her skin a lighter complexion. Loreal of coarse denied the accusations, claiming they did no such thing. hhmmm. Is lighter skin really more attractive than darker skin?

Most neighborhood beauty supply stores have an isle dedicated to countless skin lighteners and fade creams. These creams are designed to be used to even skin tones and fade dark marks. Many darker skin people purchase and apply these fade creams daily, in hopes of lightening their entire complexion. If you notice the before and after pictures on this bleaching cream advertisement, the model looks happy being lighter. The "before" picture shows her sad with the darker complexion?!

 We have been brain washed and our perception of beauty much distorted.

The Media contributes to this problem tremendously. Lighter and darker images are used to represent the extreme contraries of the world, good and evil. Angels are portrayed with fair skin and draped in light colored clothing. They are clean, untouched and remain close to God. Darker images are used in association with sin, crime and evil.

When will we wake up and say that this is wrong?
What messages are we sending to our children?! They need to know that ,true Beauty comes from within! Darker complexions are just as beautiful as lighter complexions! Love yourself and own your uniqueness Whats your take on it?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Online Dating... Yay or Nay?

In these days and times an activity as simple as dating is often time consuming. The weekends seem to fly by, leaving very little time to have an adequate social life.Why not cut through the chase by  finding a love connection on the world wide web! There are countless social networking sites that join people together everyday. Just type in your likes or dislikes, upload a picture and its on !

There are a few benefits to match making online. For starters, it is less time consuming, you can browse through hundreds of profiles at the click of a mouse. You get to meet people you normally would not encounter in your day to day activities. Online dating allows an individual the opportunity  to screen candidates by using the information given in profiles. There is also the option of choosing your potential dates by their age, race, education or even economic status. Nice ;)

Do you remember going on a blind date and when meeting the person they just weren't quite what you imagined? Well, Online dating services can save you time, money and lots of wasted energy on hit and miss dates. Most profiles supplied by these "match making services" are detailed, providing pictures and contact information when necessary.

Many are concerned about the possible dangers when it comes to match making on the internet. I think you take the same risks meeting a perfect stranger on the street. You really don't know who anyone is until you take the time to get to know them.

Now a days, most people are committed to a full work schedule that leaves them very little time for leisure. What do you think about online dating? Would you date someone you met online? Or Are you against the idea of online dating?

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~Its Ms Chyna B.~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bracelets, Chains and Links.. Oh My!

 The weatherman predicts straight chills in the forecast for these Guys!  Iced out Bracelets, Chains and Grills... Oh my! Ice, ice and more ice, in every color you can imagine! Pink, red, yellow and even black diamonds adorn the necks of most Hip Hop Artists! They are treating themselves to the best the Diamond district has to offer!   Hip Hop is definitely leaving its mark and influences on the diamond market. These custom Urban Jewel Designs are very unique and put a new spin on what we know as "Bling".

 These custom jewels don't come cheap!

Just to think the price of this Bling can be used to make a hefty down payment on a house or equivalent to the price of a brand new car! Or even feed millions of hungry children.

(I was told not to muzzle myself or my radical views, so here we go...)

 I think these over embellished trinkets make a mockery out of the true face of Hip Hop! These short lived repetitious fads of wearing over-sized chains just re-instate the racially charged buffoonery images that plague us to this day! We help contribute to these endless negative stereotypical Images! How? Think of all the rappers that you have seen  hop up on stage with half braided hair or Sagging wears!!! Think! Think about the racist Sambo images from the early sixties and the painted  "Black face". Think!

      Woe to the men, women and children who
      have to work the mines for your shine!
         But I will not go there today!

These Iced out Bracelets and Chains  link us back to a history we are too quick to forget! A dark history that failed to acknowledge us as humans and sold us like cattle, separating father from son. HHmmm.  ( I am not going there either) Chains are a symbol for bondage and slavery. The Chains and Links that adorned the bodies of our ancestors were made of harsh corrodible metals... now we have upgraded to platinum and white gold!
We have to be more conscious of ourselves and our history. Too many of us are enslaved within, our minds and spirits, oppressed! We are distracted and content by the minimal basic pleasures of life. Just look at the all liquor stores, jewelery stores, pawn shops,Chinese restaurants, foreign owned 99 cent store and countless EBT taking establishments!! All Comfort for the Great? The only things they contribute are High blood pressure, Diabetes, a Bad liver and a momentary joy to mask the pain and real problems in our communities. Its an efficient system leading to our destruction! 

Shame on the Businesses that give us
crappy service and take our money!!

  Ok Chyna! Breathe!

One Time For Your Mind: All I am saying is, We all have to be more conscious! Be Conscious of the impressions we leave behind for our children. There are so many complaints, but who will pick up the mantle and lead the way? 

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Is There Room 4 More than OnE Female Emcee???

Who is the hottest Female MCee in the game right now ? Do you know who is the baddest Chic? This Question is often asked and  followed by a heated discussion or Argument. Some say its Kim , Nicki, Foxy, Trina...Who knows?

Females are definitely out numbered when it comes to this male dominated Rap game. They are often manipulated into competing for a supposed "number one" spot!  Females are tricked into thinking it's only room for one. You can actually count the current female rappers out now, on one hand! So does it make any sense to fight?! 

There are extreme Double Standards
between the Sexes in the Rap Game!

Must a female look like a Barbie Doll to get ahead in the music industry? There are way too many restrictions when it comes to females in the rap game. Female rappers can't be fat, must be young, and have plenty of sex appeal. Now the men on the other hand, have timeless career opportunities, regardless of  their age or physical appearance. Prime examples:  Fat Joe, Rick Ross and LL Cool J, they prove you can be fat, ugly, work as a CO and even be old in the rap game! It is not fair! I want to protest!                                   

Rap fans are highly entertained by two Mcees going at it lyrically. Hip Hop Battles are what make the game exciting! But why are females disrespecting each other for the "number one" spot? Female Rap battles go beyond the lyrics and turn into a catty exchange. 

 Why must we females always be at each others throats?! 
Lets stop being brained washed by these men and wake up! 
Just make Good Music!
Here's to female unification in the Hip Hop Game! 
Whats your take on it? Is there only room for one?
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stayin A Head Of The Game!

How do you feel when you see these Faces grace the covers of top selling magazines?! What does it feel like to see them interviewed by Oprah or flood the book shelves with publications of their tell all memoirs? These Ambitious Vixens have obtained instant celebrity status by exposing their sexual escapades to the world! The Media and tabloids has embraced these Sexy Divas and given them their 15 minutes of  fame with benefits!

Do sex scandals lead to success?  Let us ask Monica Lewinsky, Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Kardashian, "Super Head" aka Karrine Steffans and others, who have gained success and power from it. These women are sex icons and will forever be remembered for their dirty deeds. They have successfully made a mark on the entertainment world. And An ever lasting impression, whether we think it good or bad. Do you Disagree? Google them please!

Whats makes these Vixens any different from anyone else?

We live in a competitive society where anything goes! America the Great! Home of  Straight Capitalism, a creation of goods or services for profit in a market! Sex sells!! So Let it! Don't dare point the finger! Too many of us have helped to catapult these ladies straight up that express ladder of success.

The Media publicizes these sexy scandals and we, the consumer, embrace it!
Do you have a Problem with these "entrepreneurs"?
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Hip Hop ? Is that you???

Where is Hip Hop? I want to see him face to face!  
Some say he was kidnapped, others say he is dead!

Many people are not happy with the "face" Hip Hop today! The Cosmetic Surgery has got to be reversed! The face of Hip Hop is unrecognizable! Its all dolled up with no real substance these days. "Real" Hip Hop is not a fashion or Fad! Its Swag and the art of True Lyricism!

When is the last time some of  these artists sat down with a pen and pad ?! There are too many artists making millions with "chalk board rhymes". "Chalk Board Rhymes" is my sarcastic way of describing the simplistic, Predictive and thoughtless Lyrics that I hear these days!

Woe unto the unsigned hungry artists that dedicate 100% of  themselves into making Great music. Woe unto these Lyricists with their tattered notebooks of countless Sixteens, ready and eager to get on! There is no place for you! You are working way to hard! If you are an intelligent artist that writes Actual Rhymes... There is no place for you in the game today! Dumb it down Son! Your Lyrical content better consist of Vulgar demeaning language, that reflects a true lack of education and moral value.

Okay, Chyna  where are you going with this one??
 Excuse the sweet sarcasm...please. Forgive me for my radical thoughts and unleashed tongue! 

Writers continue to write and perfect your craft, as will I. But Honestly...

Do you like the direction Hip hop is going?? Who are some of the Artists in the Game that represent the True Art Of Lyricism?

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Check this one out...
This one is by Jaeo Weston
Check out his feature on my U.H.H. Blog

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ambitious Women in the Music Industry... Can you Handle it?

Why are Ambitious women so misunderstood? Is there something wrong or threatening about an educated woman who is professional in the music industry? Intelligent and determined women are often perceived as "bitches" or "dikes". It is really sad to see the roles woman have to resort to playing in order to gain a little  respect.

Dumb it down and smile for the camera! Cheese!

Some time ago I was being interviewed by an independent entertainment company, who will remain nameless, through out the interview some strange comments were made. The CEO of  the nameless company asked me if I went to school and do I always talk like this?! Like what? I did not understand what or who he was looking for, but it was very clear it wasn't me. Since when does articulation keep you from getting a job? How could and education hold you back or alienate you from your own group of people?! 

Ok Just venting and enjoying day # 2 of blogging it!
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Chime in and tell me how you feel. We can Agree to Disagree! Its all Good! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Music Makes The world Go Round!

I love Music! It is universal and crosses all barriers. As Cliche as it may sound, it can calm a savage beast. People want to hear something good, soothing, rhythmic and forget their problems for a moment or two. Music is powerful and highly influential. As an Artist you are responsible for what comes out of your mouth and into the ears of the people. Do you think today's musical artists are conscious of the impact they have on fans? And do you think that they behave responsibly when it comes to the music that they release?