Monday, September 12, 2011

Job Fatigue: Are our public servants getting enough sleep?

Sleep deprivation is a major problem amongst many professions and can lead  to "on the job" accidents.  From air plane watch towers to late night bus routes, people are falling asleep on the job and putting others at risk!

There has been an alarming surge in reported "on the job"accidents due to worker burn out. These reported cases prove that sleep deprivation can potentially be dangerous, posing an immediate threat to yourself and others. 

Why are people falling asleep at work??

There are many underlying factors that contribute to job fatigue. Scheduling: Over night shifts that start after 11pm can alter our body's rhythm throwing off our natural sleep patterns, eventually creating sleep disorders. Lack of vacation time can lead to burn out and extreme exhaustion. Extended work hours and shifts that last more than eight hours can also contribute to employee burn out. Lack of sleep is the primary risk factor that contributes to job fatigue. Sleep deprivation alters your ability to be alert and responsive; this impairment could mean the difference between life and death.

How do we address this growing problem??

Employers must be aware and sensitive to the potential dangers of job fatigue. Public servants should be mandated to get an adequate amount of sleep between shifts. If we don't address this problem, more people will die at the hands of tired workers.

Have you ever fallen asleep on the job? Do you think Job fatigue can pose a potential threat to yourself and others??? Lets talk about it. Remember....  

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