Saturday, October 9, 2010

Text Mess Mania!

Texting is the most popular and frequently used feature in Cell Phone Communication Today! Everywhere you look,  young and old are tapping away at their key pads! Its a quick and easy way to communicate with others. But Text messaging can also present itself as a possible distraction or danger to its users.

Is text messages putting you or others at risk? You should never text while driving or crossing the street or while operating machinary! You would think that these are obvious "NO, NO's", but there are people that take risks all the time! There are laws that prohibit text messaging while driving. Despite the restrictions, many drivers continue to take risks and get into accidents. Some Jobs are also delivering strict disciplinary action against employees text messaging at work.

This new wave of  finger exercise has even effected the English Language! Text messaging  has created a whole new short hand of abbreviated Lingo that everyone seems to understand! OMG! SMH! BRB! LOL! BFF! and the list goes on! Maybe I am thinking way to hard but, this can't be good for young people or anybody who is trying to learn the English Language. Abbreviations are a handy way for a quick message and a even better way to diminish a well stored vocabulary. Hello!

Whats your take on it? Is your Cellphone distracting you? Are you talking/ text messaging at work or while driving? Does your cellphone use interfere or become a problem within your relationship?  Be Honest!

Talk Is Definitely Cheap! 
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