Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy 2 Year Anniversary "Talk is Cheap"!!

Its our 2 year Anniversary!! Yayy!!! It's been two years of trial and error, ups and downs, and I'm still around!! I want to first thank God for the talent and courage to finally materialize my gifts!! Secondly, you! I am thankful for all of my readers who come back and read some more!! I get a personal satisfaction through my writing, knowing that it is reaching and possibly uplifting someone's spirit! I write to inform, encourage and inspire! Thank you for following me through this journey we call "Life". Love you all and be Blessed! xoxoxo Ms.Chyna BlaQ

P.S. To my wonderful two mini meez...
Aniya & Jaylen...Mommy Loves you!!!

Talk Is Cheap- Drop A Dime On Em! 
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finding the Perfect Him

Has anybody seen Mr. Right?? They say Mr.Right is waiting for you and if you are waiting for him...How the heck will you find each other??!!

Finding a decent man these days can be a bit of a headache. He's not at the bar, club or church...(I know, I've looked) He's not at work or under a rock...So where, oh where is the perfect him??!!

Ladies and Gentlemen... I've been doing some true soul searching and I've figured out that I'm no longer going to look for the "perfect" him. Truth be told...No one is perfect!!  I'm going to work on creating a better me! Yes yes...I'm working on the woman in the mirror!

Compare yourself to a building... It may seem silly but try hard please. The outside appearance of your building needs to be attractive and inviting or no one will want to visit. Think about your personality as the apartments inside... are they renovated and up to date??!! or is plaster falling from the ceilings??!! Who can turn down a woman who is intelligent and witty?? Now, think of your dates as prospective occupants... Luxury housing will only attract established and stable tenants; who will be  able to afford, maintain and appreciate their surroundings!

 Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying sell yourself! Not at all!! But have you ever asked yourself..Why do I keep attracting the same losers again and again??? Or have you ever wondered whats the real problem??

Renovate Pronto!! 

Work on creating a better you, so that you can meet a better him! Physical appearance does matter. Hit the gym ladies! We have to get our work out on! Let's work out to get toned up and healthy, not to take pics in thongs on facebook! Working out builds up your self esteem and makes you feel refreshed. When I am a little stressed I go hard at the gym and soon forget about my troubles. I am also thrilled about the difference that I see in my body. Physical fitness promotes self discipline and will upgrade your sexy.

Embrace your inner talents!!

I love to meet people who make themselves happy by pursuing their God given talents. When you do what you love you will smile more and gain a positive out look on life. You want to achieve happiness within yourself first!! This is so important!! So no matter who comes or who goes, you are happy being you! A man can not make you happy! He should only be there to compliment the happiness you possess inside!

I am far from a relationship Guru, but I'm living and learning from my own mistakes. Remember Ladies in order to raise the bar on the men we attract, we first have to work on what we have to offer as eligible single women.

Loving me First! xoxoxo Ms. Chyna BlaQ!

Talk Is Cheap- Drop A Dime On Em! 
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why do we use the B Word for women?

I have been picking my brain for an interesting blog topic to write about and came up with this one... so please pardon the use of profanity as I begin to write about the B word. Why do we refer to women as bitches? I often hear women call themselves a Bitch and I hear men do it even more. I even searched the word BITCH under Google images and hundreds of pictures of women surfaced with one or two dogs in between.

The word bitch is litterally a female dog. Bitch is often used to describe a cranky or aggressive woman. It is also used to describe men who act like women. The B word is in no way meant to compliment or praise women...So why do we use it so much?? I guess a better question is...Whose is answering to the name??

Guy: Hey Bitch. How are you doing?
Girl: I'm fine. How are you?

I'm confused and really trying to understand it's appropriateness. Can it be used as a term of endearment?  I guess for females that call each other Bitches maybe they mean it in a positive way. You beautiful, intelligent, talented, creative, honest, bitch you!

When I use the word bitch its often referring to a female that I really don't like. I mean its not in my everyday language but it has come out of my mouth a few times. Somehow I think that we have definitely perfected the art of calling women out their name. I will tell you this much, just call me Ms. Chyna Blaq.

Do you call yourself a Bitch? Or do you answer to the name??
Inquiring want to know...
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