Monday, January 31, 2011

Yo Quiero Taco Bell???

Taco Bell the home of the most pocket friendly tasty tacos and burritos! I can recall on more than a few occasions, rushing to Taco Bell, craving those seasoned beef and sour cream treats. Now...
Yo No Quiero Taco Bell!!
An Alabama law firm has filed a lawsuit against the popular franchise claiming the "seasoned filling" is only 36% beef!! The suit claims that it's  false advertisement to label the mixture beef when it's not and is asking for the menu to be changed.

Okay I know you are wondering .... Whats in the remaining 64% of the filling??? Lets see, water and "extenders" like "wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodrextrin, anti-dusting agent, autolyzed yeast extract, modified corn starch and sodium phosphate." Also, something called "Isolated Oat Product." Sounds Yummy Right?

Taco Bell Responds to Suit
Greg Creed, CEO and Chief concept officer of the Taco Bell corp. disputes the claims stating that they are false- "Our seasoned beef recipe contains 88% quality USDA-inspected beef and 12% seasonings, spices, water and other ingredients that provide taste, texture and moisture.  The lawyers got their facts wrong.  We take this attack on our quality very seriously and plan to take legal action against them for making false statements about our products."

One time for your Mind: Always second guess food for under a $1. Think about it people, you get what you pay for!!!

What do you think about these claims?? Will this stop you from eating at the restaurant?? 36% or 88% Beef... Well, call me when its 100% beef!!!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is Good Hair???

The topic of hair stirs up lengthy conversations amongst many people, especially people of color. For ages Black people have struggled to maintain their hair. Many of us have straightened it and fried it to achieve what would seem to be acceptable in White America. It is way past time for us to stop trying to meet Hollywood's standards of beauty and embrace our own!

So, what exactly is Good Hair?
I hear people say so many ignorant things when answering this question. Its "curly", "straight", "Good hair isn't nappy hair"etc.

Historical Implications
Many of our complications and insecurities with our beauty, stem from the less than human treatment we received in our introduction to America. During slavery times mixed Blacks with lighter skin and "acceptable features" (hair Included) were preferred by their Masters. "House Slaves" were often spared the harsh labor "Field Slaves" had to endure. (Read my Blog post called Light Skin vs. Dark Skin...)

Our history has a direct correlation with how we perceive ourselves today. We have been brain washed into thinking that the things that make us unique and beautiful, are ugly and unattractive. This is the message that we pass on to our children when we put relaxers in their hair at early ages, thereby altering their natural God given beauty.

As a young girl my mother didn't let me use hair relaxers... My mom would constantly tell me that "I didn't need that stuff in my hair". I guess she wanted me to love and appreciate what God gave me. I have learned to embrace my tight curls and all of my features that make me a Beautiful Black Woman!!

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with people relaxing their hair or using weaves or wigs!! It's okay, I do it myself. What I do have a problem with is people criticizing coarse hair and turning their nose at it! Black Hair is beautiful! All hair is beautiful!! 

I think good hair is healthy hair. All hair, from fine to coarse textures, that is properly cared for and treated with conditioners, is Good Hair!

What is your Definition of good hair? 
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you Blowing Money Fast??

This Blog post is dedicated to all of my party goers who are addicted to VIP Status!!
The weekend...its the best time to let your hair down and shake off those work week blues. Girls head to the salons to upgrade their sexy and Boys go to the barber to rid all traces of scruffy. For many party goers, weekend festivities consist of the perfect outfit, cool peeps and bottle service of course! Bottle service can cost your average party goer about $250 to $600, all depending on where you go. My question is...

                        Is Weekend Splurging getting the best of you?

Are you blowing money fast?! Splurging every weekend can leave you in a financial bind. VIP costs Money Honey! Don't let a pattern of mindless spending put you in a Financial Jam! There are sensible ways to enjoy having the best without the next day stress. Think about it...Table service works best when everyone has money to contribute! Also if you are taking a taxi, split the fare up amongst friends, it's safer and very pocket friendly. My last and most crucial suggestion....Don't hang out with leeches who leave their wallets at home. Have Nots versus Have Knots!! There's a Big difference!

It is totally okay to treat yourself to the finer things in life... Let's make a toast to the Good Life in Moderation people!! 

One time for your mind: There are people that spend hundreds of dollars every weekend on VIP Bottle service. After a while, your frivolous spending habits will all add up and lead you straight to the poor house. Are you addicted to the Party Life? Are you Blowing Money Fast??!!!And Does your spending leave your pockets looking like rabbit ears?? Inquiring Minds would like to Know!!

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There are more than a few video sharing websites that allow people the option of uploading or viewing sharedvideos. 62% of the internet users in the U.S. have watched videos on video sharing sites.The Most popular video sharing site is YouTube of course! Millions of people visit the website daily, at work, home or even on the phone! From wiggling mystery creatures to dancing babies, you will find it all on YouTube!

I visit daily. I have noticed that the most ridiculously insane videos get the most views! I mean really... My Singing Cat got 2,573,768 views, plus my one view, for randomly typing it in. Its nothing spectacular, just a cat meowing in front of the camera. How about the Chris Brown Punch Out: Interactive! A whopping 12,749,691 views!! This silly home made mockery of the R&B artist received more views than the Official Deuces Video by ChrisBrownVevo! At a record 273,859,660 views is the Charlie bit my finger- again ! video of baby Charlie biting down on his brother Harry's finger.

2009 Studies showed that people watched YouTube more than they used the Google search engine! Now that's simply amazing! So if you need exposure... upload your videos and try to Get your 15 minutes of YouTube Fame!!

 Enjoy the Evolution of Dance....162,627,523 Views!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do you like your Meat Beat? A Farm Animal's untold Truth...

From Farm to Fridge (uncut)

Wouldn't you like to know what happens to your meat before you buy it? Chances are, the animal you are about to eat was beaten, sick or dying before it reached the slaughter house. Animals raised on Factory farms live short painful lives. They are raised by the thousands and jammed into tight cages that restrict any natural movement. Factory farm animals are forced fed hormones, antibiotics and various stimulants to promote rapid growth. These stimulants in the meat contribute to many human ailments, such as advanced puberty and various cancers.

Are you against Animal Cruelty?

I do not condone any type of animal cruelty. We as consumers have to take a stand!! I am not suggesting that we all become vegetarians. There are more humane ways to treat animals raised for food. We can make a difference! Our vote counts at the register! Make sure your meat has a label that says Certified Humane Raised & Handled, this insures that the animals were handled properly.(Well I think it does?!) The healthiest choice would be not to eat meat at all, the secondary choice would be to purchase organic meats or poultry. I mean really, if the Cow was green before it died.... do you really want to eat the meat from it?!

We should really be more concerned about the conditions of the meat we eat it!The video posted contains graphic images of the abuse that many animals endure at Factory Farms; discretion is advised.

After watching this video I wondered if the labels really matter?! These farmers do exactly what they want to do! I mean Really!! Castration without a mere flinch! These men are cold!!

One time for your Mind:The meat and poultry industry is the largest segment of United States agriculture.Total meat and poultry production in 2007 reached more than 91.5 billion pounds.-American Meat Institute. And Despite it's decline...According to the USDA,in 2009 Americans consumed 26.9 Billion pounds of Beef. All that beef translates into a whopping $73 billion dollars in profit. 

Question: Where's the Beef?
Answer: On your plate!

Two times for your mind: Many of our sea creatures suffer abuse and cruelty as well.  Dolphins, whales and many large sea creatures are chopped up alive and left to bleed out. Scientists proved that sea animals suffer and feel pain like any other land animals. Did you know that most of the mercury that people are exposed to comes from fish consumption?!  Mercury is poisonous to the body and can cause damage to the central nervous system.

In my opinion, eating a fish while it's still alive is totally wrong! It's slow torture and pain that it can feel! I just would not do it. Some people do it and even find it entertaining...

*Discretion is advised*

What do you think? After watching these videos... would you stop eating certain meats??  Drop a Dime... I truly value your opinion!! 

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Historical Moments.

                                   Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                           (January.15, 1929- April.4, 1968)

Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr was a Baptist minister as well as a prominent Leader in The African American Civil Rights Movement. In 1955 he led the Montgomery Bus Boycott following the arrest of  Mrs.Rosa Parks. He helped found the Southern Christian leadership Conference in 1957 and served as their first president. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Civil Rights activist that fought for change using nonviolent strategies, such as sit ins, boycotts and freedom walks. His Civil Rights efforts lead to the march on Washington in 1963, where he gave his famous "I have a Dream" Speech. Martin Luther King and followers of the Civil Rights Movement fought against segregation and racial inequality. In 1964, Dr. King was the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Sadly, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April. 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1986, America decided to make Martin Luther King Day a U.S. Federal Holiday. The Civil Right Movement gave birth to a new generation of liberal minded thinkers. The Dream Lives on...

 A Husband 

                A Father

                                 A Friend

A Teacher
                  A Preacher
                                      A Leader

Brave, Determined, Faithful, Fearless and Nobel. A visionary, who took risks; sacrificing his life so that we could live a better one. 

                           Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                 (January.15, 1929- April.4, 1968)



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Friday, January 14, 2011

Love on Lock Down

Okay, I was listening to radio personality Cherry Martinez on 105.1, she has a show called Lock Down Love that comes on Sunday evenings. The show allows people the opportunity to call and shout out their loved ones who are incarcerated. I started to think to myself...  

Lock Down Love.. Do you have what it takes to hold down your Incarcerated Boo??

As I listened to the many people that called the station that Sunday, I noticed that most of the callers were women. The countless "I miss you's " and "I love you's " were all from dedicated women calling to support their men! So what does that say about us as women? Are we more dedicated than men? Okay just think if you were locked up, would your man take trips upstate to see you? Or would he save himself until you returned?

I think the answer is No!You would probably be single at the sentencing.
(Much Respect to Remmy and Papoose, they are a true exception.)

I've seen so many dedicated women prepare for trips upstate to see their sons, boyfriends, husbands or friends. Packing and prepping, searching for the right thing to take or even rushing home to receive scheduled collect calls. I think it takes a dedicated heart and lots of patience to deal with supporting a incarcerated loved one.

Supporting your Man Behind Bars

Lonely and often in debt, many women remain loyal to their incarcerated men. These women are fueled by relationship promises that are often never fulfilled. Inmates rely heavily on the comfort and support of these women to get them through. Supporting a Love on Lock Down can become a troublesome and draining lifestyle. I honestly think its impossible to maintain a relationship with someone who is incarcerated. But there are women and men who do it and make it work.

Incarcerated Marriages on the rise...

There are many people who become romantically involved with prisoners and later get married. Married prisoners with good behavior are allowed conjugal visits from their spouses. Studies show that 1 in 9 incarcerated marriages end in divorce; which means that these marriages last longer than conventional marriages. Can you believe it??!! Why use eharmony or match maker when you have all these incarcerated hotties to choose from??!!

Okay Seriously, I don't think I am strong enough to maintain a relationship with a man that's locked up. And I think it would be selfish of him to ask me to wait for him, especially if he has a long sentence. What do you think? Could you hold down a locked down love? Or have you been in a relationship like this before?

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taking your Child to the Shooting range.

The right to bear arms is a part of the foundation of America and the second amendment right of the U.S. Constitution. Many people exercise this right by carrying licensed weapons and keeping them in their homes.  In many states it is legal for children to handle a gun under the supervision of a legal guardian. Now My question is...

Is it appropriate for a child to learn how to use a gun?

There are shooting range classes available for children to learn how to operate guns of every type. About two years ago an 8 year old boy from Massachusetts accidentally shot himself in the head at a gun show. As the boy fired the Uzi, "the front end of the weapon went up with the backfire and he ended up receiving a round in his head," police Lt. Hipolito Nunez said. Currently the parents are suing the gun club and organizers of the gun show; accusing them of negligence. I think the real people to blame in this case are the parents. What parent gives their 8 year old child permission to operate a machine gun?! Should we also place some of the blame on ourselves too?! It was perfectly legal for this 8 year old kid to have the Uzi machine gun in his hands.

I remember when my brother got a BB gun for Christmas from my grandfather. We lived in North Carolina at the time; it was not unusual for a child to have a rifle or a pellet gun. He didn't use it much but I remember him waving it around and pointing it at the family in play. In my opinion guns promote violence and are highly inappropriate gifts for children.

One Time for your Mind: American children are more at risk from firearms than the children of any other industrialized nation. In one year, firearms killed no children in Japan, 19 in Great Britain, 57 in Germany, 109 in France, 153 in Canada, and 5,285 in the United States. -(Centers for Disease Control) Note this report does not include the number for non- fatal injuries children suffer from guns.

This Blog is dedicated to all of the children who have lost their lives or have been injured by gun violence. A gun in the household poses a risk to everyone. If you own a gun, please keep it away from children.

What do you think?! Should children be allowed to operate a gun with parental consent?

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Miracle for Ted Williams

Just Days ago Ted Williams was living on the streets pan handling to get a single dollar. In a wink of an eye his life was changed by one person simply uploading his magically street side performance and posting it on You Tube! The rest is history in the making!! See for yourself!

Love ... The Other 4 letter Word

What exactly do we mean when we say
"I Love You"??? 

People say "I love you" all the time.We learn from early age how to manipulate people and win favor, by using these magical words.

Love...You can Buy it, try it, taste it and even make it! Seriously, I think we all pretty much want to hear these words. Personally, I'd rather someone show me that they love me than tell me! Like Sunshine Anderson "I've heard it all before..." I've heard these words uttered in selfish passions of nothingness! I love you! I love you! I Love you Girl!! Aaaww Hog wash!!

It's a Muti-Million Dollar Phrase!!
You can find it branded on pillows, cards and thongs! Its a true Money maker! Soon, we will be approaching the most commercialized marketed day there is besides Christmas. Can you Guess what day I am talking about??? Give up? Valentine's Day!! The day where love is measured in dollar amounts and people play hard to get exactly what they want.

Should our love be proven and measured by materialistic items or obsessive behavior?

Get your head out the clouds!
In western societies the concept of love is often based on fantasy. Ladies a Knight in Shining Armor will never come and  rescue you or pay all your bills! And Fellas your fantasy wife will not be sleeping booty with a 2 inch waist and bisexual tendencies. Keep waiting People!!

Love in its purest form can be beautiful; its a feeling like none other. Love is real and unconditional. Love is patience and understanding. Well, we can all agree to disagree about the true meaning of love. But can we safely say that love is a game of chance, we all risk being hurt.

Are you willing to take a chance on love?
Or have you thrown in your hand?

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Costly Condoms!

Why are Good Condoms so Damn Costly!  
Good condoms are way too costly! I went to my favorite drug store and purchased a pack of condoms that nearly cost me 20 bucks! Lots of things ran through my mind at the counter before I made my purchase... I thought, why is this man looking at me like I am a complete horn ball?! I mean, can't women buy condoms?! (We Should!!) Then I thought to myself in a momentary Day Dream like state... Why are these condoms so damn high? Don't we want to encourage people to purchase condoms and have safe sex?! How can we encourage people to purchase condoms when the prices are so discouraging?!

Free Condoms
There are free condoms available and distributed throughout the community. But have you tried a NYC or a Durex Condom lately? I have! They feel awful and only come in one size! This leaves out all of our well endowed men who struggle to fit into them.One size does not fit all people! Quality name brand condoms are made with better materials and lubricants, that make for a more pleasurable safe sex experience.

(Note: My opinion is not law!! If you have to make a choice, please use free condoms!)

One time for your mind: Teenage pregnancy rates and sexual transmitted diseases are higher in poverty stricken areas. Why not make quality condoms free at clinics and hospitals in lower income areas? What do you think? Is this a relevant issue at hand or did I just throw a major temper tantrum?

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