Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

 This is a question that never seems to have a real answer to it.Most Good Girls pride themselves in leading a life that exemplifies model behavior; possessing strong moral values and self respect. So,Why do good girls always seem to hook up with bad boys?!

Opposites Attract!
Opposites seem to attract themselves, people tend to get involved with their total romantic opposites. Good girls are attracted to the rough edgy style of a bad boy and bad boys seem to love breaking a good girl in!

Societal Factors
From birth we have had gender "appropriate" beliefs and customs instilled in us. Boys are constantly encouraged to be aggressive and exhibit "manly" behavior; to display their innate heterosexual traits. Girls on the other hand are taught to embrace their nurturing qualities by enhancing their domestic skills; along with struggling to maintain her premarital physique. These formulated expectations of gender roles have been drilled into us continuously; contributing to the problem of gender inequality within society today.  (Please read my article written in September called First Date Sex, it also touches on gender inequalities and how they impact our social conduct.)

Can you Cuff a Bad boy?!
It is hard to make a Bad Boy marriage material; all they seem to want to do is rip, run and have some fun. Bad boys are like wild stallions, if you get on enjoy the ride; just know that soon you are going to end up on your A@$!

              Here's to Smarter Choices for 2011!!

 One Time for your Mind: Are Bad Boys giving us what they think we want?? Maybe, just maybe, Bad boys behave badly because this is the behavior that females respond to. Women seem to always fall for the guy that they can't bring home to meet their family! One more time for your mind: Let's not always blame men for our problems! Remember that men will do only what we allow them to do!! So if he continues to treat you like Sugar Honey Ice Tea... you can only blame yourself for that!

P.S. Men don't forget to be Men! Bring back the act of Chivalry, some of us actually like it!!

Talk Is Cheap- Drop a Dime on Em!!
Until then I will leave you with the Bad Boy Anthem!!! Enjoy People!

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