Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mayor Admits to Slipping this Winter!

The East Coast was brought to a complete stand still by the City's first winter snow storm. Every weather channel in America predicted the Day after Christmas snow storm; that no one seemed to be prepared for?! All services were out of wack; from 9-1-1 back logs to New York City Buses and Trains!!

Emergency vehicles were stuck in the snow and people at airports had nowhere to go. The elderly were trapped inside their homes and all of the 5 borough residents complained and groaned! From Downtown to Uptown it all looked the Same, a Monday night sorrow we wondered who to Blame?!

 "The results are not what we wanted them to be. We'll figure out what happened this time and try to make it better next time." said Bloomberg at a Bronx Press Conference. Try Better Next Time??  Are you saying that the next time we have a storm, lower income areas will cleaned properly Mr. Bloomberg?!

I can recall too many times where I left home, struggled to get across un-plowed streets to arrive downtown (my place of work),only to see streets that were so clean, it looked like they missed the entire storm?! Make Our communities a priority Bloomberg!! We pay taxes too!!

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the way the Bloomberg administration is handling the after effects of the 2010 blizzard???  Talk Is Cheap-Drop a Dime on Em!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The How to Guide for Pedophiles Author Arrested At Colorado Home

 The Author of the How to Guide for Pedophiles was arrested Monday and sent to Florida to face obscenity charges. "Officers arrested Phillip R. Greaves at his home in Pueblo on a warrant that charges him with violating Florida's obscenity law."
 Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said he claimed jurisdiction because Greaves sold and mailed his book directly to undercover deputies, who had written the author a letter requesting a copy. "I was outraged by the content," Judd told The Associated Press.

Since early November this book has been sold and supported by the well known book source, The self published book is called "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct". Amazon has made it very clear, that despite the negative backlash it will continue to sell the book.
It is alarming and extremely unsettling to know that someone can publish a manual on how to effectively prey on innocent children. This man represents a sick community of people that really need help! Shame on and any other retailer that allows this professional pedophile/Author to profit off of the exploitation of children.

One Time for your Mind: As parents we need to check our sex offender registry lists. Why not take a moment away from surfing social sites and become informed before its too late! Pedophiles and various sex offenders are living within our communities. I am not trying to start a witch hunt, but I want our children to be safe. When one child gets hurt it should affect us all!! Lets stick together and take back our communities!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

 This is a question that never seems to have a real answer to it.Most Good Girls pride themselves in leading a life that exemplifies model behavior; possessing strong moral values and self respect. So,Why do good girls always seem to hook up with bad boys?!

Opposites Attract!
Opposites seem to attract themselves, people tend to get involved with their total romantic opposites. Good girls are attracted to the rough edgy style of a bad boy and bad boys seem to love breaking a good girl in!

Societal Factors
From birth we have had gender "appropriate" beliefs and customs instilled in us. Boys are constantly encouraged to be aggressive and exhibit "manly" behavior; to display their innate heterosexual traits. Girls on the other hand are taught to embrace their nurturing qualities by enhancing their domestic skills; along with struggling to maintain her premarital physique. These formulated expectations of gender roles have been drilled into us continuously; contributing to the problem of gender inequality within society today.  (Please read my article written in September called First Date Sex, it also touches on gender inequalities and how they impact our social conduct.)

Can you Cuff a Bad boy?!
It is hard to make a Bad Boy marriage material; all they seem to want to do is rip, run and have some fun. Bad boys are like wild stallions, if you get on enjoy the ride; just know that soon you are going to end up on your A@$!

              Here's to Smarter Choices for 2011!!

 One Time for your Mind: Are Bad Boys giving us what they think we want?? Maybe, just maybe, Bad boys behave badly because this is the behavior that females respond to. Women seem to always fall for the guy that they can't bring home to meet their family! One more time for your mind: Let's not always blame men for our problems! Remember that men will do only what we allow them to do!! So if he continues to treat you like Sugar Honey Ice Tea... you can only blame yourself for that!

P.S. Men don't forget to be Men! Bring back the act of Chivalry, some of us actually like it!!

Talk Is Cheap- Drop a Dime on Em!!
Until then I will leave you with the Bad Boy Anthem!!! Enjoy People!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010!

Most people on the East Coast were fast asleep when the historical Lunar Eclipse occurred early Dec.21st, around 2:40 a.m in the morning. "This was the first time a total lunar eclipse occurred on the winter solstice since 1638. As a result, the moon appeared "very high in the night sky, as the solstice marks the time when Earth's axial tilt is farthest away from the sun," NASA said-Daily News

According to experts, "It won't fall on this day again until 2094". Simply Amazing!! So sleepy heads be thankful for modern technology; our missed moment will be available on You Tube!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Salute to The Sexy Sagittarius!

I can't let this month go by without a special tribute to my Zodiac Sign!
The Sagittarius!!

The symbols for Sagittarius are the hunter and the centaur, a mythical half-man, half-horse. This sign symbolizes the search for wisdom; this is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer. They have an appetite for learning and travel.

Such people prefer to be footloose and fancy free, however should they become involved in a relationship they make it as enjoyable and as much fun as possible. Normally they are very gregarious, but they will be glad to find the time for that special relationship.

Nearly all of them are devoted to music. They often make brilliant musicians. It is also writing, publishing, TV, communications and enterprises where there are many representatives of this sign.

These people are, however, inclined to go to extremes in all things, and make sudden decisions, or change their minds rapidly, for which they may have regrets, but they are too proud to acknowledge their error.

One of their great difficulties lies within relationships. They are completely able to be faithful to two people at once.The men of this Sign nearly always marry on impulse and regret it afterwards, but they are too proud to show their regrets and too conventional to appeal to the courts for assistance, so they often pass for models of married happiness even when they are the most wretched. The women born in this Sign are, as a rule, the nobler of the two; they love to make their husbands successful and will sacrifice everything to that end. They are usually great church-goers. On the other hand both men and women when they settle down they usually treat themselves strictly. They refuse to let the relationship get stale and always look for ways to bring excitement into the union

Sagittarius does not hesitate to give an honest opinion, which can seem tactless.

                                         We The Best!!! 

Famous Sagittarius faces! 
      Our Swag is Impeccable!!

G. Dep Confesses to Being a Bad Boy!

 Former Bad Boy Artist, G. Dep was arrested Wednesday, Dec.15  after walking into a police precinct and confessing to the robbery shooting of  John Henkel, he committed 17 years ago!

"I was surprised - for some reason, I really didn't think that he died," Dep revealed. "When they told me, I was like, 'Oh, I'm not going home after this.' Since he owned up to the crime, Dep, born Trevell Coleman, was officially charged with murder. Manhattan District Attorney's Office spokesperson Erin Duggan said Dep faces life in prison.-New York Post

G.Dep's Family strongly urged him not to confess and leave it in the past; but the guilt of the crime pushed him straight to The 25th Precinct. All I can say is wow!! Note G. Dep's confession has now taken him from away from his three children, girlfriend and family. I don't want to be unfair because there is another family involved, the Henkel family now can find closure to their son's newly solved murder.

One Time for your Mind: First, Would you confess to a murder? Secondly, Would you confess to a murder you committed 17 years ago? Tell me what you think People?! Talk is Cheap- Drop a Dime on Em!

Here's A G Dep Throw Back! And Might I Add One of my favorite Old school Throw Backs!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Madoff Suicide

The Son of the convicted Ponzi Scheme investor, Bernie Madoff commits suicide. Mark Madoff was found dead in his apartment early Saturday morning, Dec.11 by his father-in-law. “December 11 is the two-year anniversary when Bernie turned himself in, and that was surely weighing on his mind,” says one investigator.

Mark Madoff and his younger brother, Andrew, had not been indicted on criminal charges, but they have been included in a number of civil suits, including one, filed in October 2009, seeking the return of some $200 million in salaries and other bonuses from members of the Madoff family, and another, filed last Wednesday, seeking $80 million from the directors of Madoff’s London operation.

The sins of the father were the demise of the son.

The Madoff Family name is now one of shame; directly associated with the infamous Ponzi Scheme. Mark Madoff's ex-wife petitioned the courts to legally change the surname of their two sons. Before taking his own life, Mark Madoff sent out emails and one of them read " No one wants to hear the truth".

One time for you Mind: Did public ridicule lead to Mark Madoff's death? Did America or the Media bully and pressure the Madoff son, causing him to take his own life. If so, shouldn't someone be held responsible? What do you think?  

Talk Is Cheap- Drop a Dime on Em!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Taxi's Get The Ok to Racially profile

The Head of the Taxi-drivers Union, Fernando Mateo, urges workers to racially profile passenger pick ups. This decision was in response to the recent shooting of taxi driver, Trevor Bell. Mr. Bell's brutal attack, that left him in critical condition, was caught on video by his security camera.

"I don't care about racial profiling. You know, sometimes it is good we are racially profiled, because the God's honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics," said Mateo, who is Hispanic and has a black father.-NyPost

Through Out the years there have been more than a few cases in where Livery Cab Drivers have been shot and robbed. Do we actually blame them for being extra cautious? Do you think they are taking it a step too far by racially profiling? Hhmmm, If you think you had trouble getting a cab before, It will be nearly impossible to hail a cab!!

One Time for you Mind: As minorities we see a hard way to go with stereotypical images that portray us as uncivilized, hyper-sexual, violent, criminal and more. And when you turn on your television set or go outside, there are some people that confirm these misconceptions and stereotypes. What should people do when they start to believe what the media and ignorant people tell them? How should they respond to us, when are they simply afraid?! Note : I am not agreeing with Mr Mateo and his statement; I am just trying to see both sides of this issue at hand. What do you think? Talk is Cheap- Drop a Dime on Em! We need it right now.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Signing At Doug E.'s


The Cheryl Wills Book Signing was the best place I could be Monday night after work! Thanks to My Favorite photographer, Zo Photography, I had the opportunity to be apart of a historical moment in Harlem. The Cheryl Wills Book Signing Took Place at Doug E.'s Fresh Chicken and Waffles restaurant. For those of you who don't know...Cheryl Wills is a Reporter and Anchor Woman for New York 1 News. She is also the New Author of Die Free: A Heroic Family History. The book sells for a very reasonable twenty bucks and with every purchase Cheryl signed and chatted with each person; thanking them for their support!  She is such a familiar face on our television sets as well as a gracious and pleasant person to meet!

Old Skool Rapper Doug E. Fresh isn't doing bad for himself, he is the proud owner of a soul food restaurant that seems to be thriving within the hood. The smells just call you as you walk pass the place. Drop by Doug E.'s and get some chicken and waffles or just some good ol' soul food. It's located in Harlem @ 2245 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (132nd St.) Tell him Chyna sent you!

A Big Thank you to the Hosts of Street Line Productions for handing me a mic and a camera at the Book Signing! Ms.Chyna BlaQ can never enter a room and do it regular!! Love you Girls!!
Sharing A Happy Moment and Always Thankful for You reading! 
Talk Is Cheap

Monday, December 6, 2010

Body Scan Scare!

As you know the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has mandated the use of  Body Scanners for Most Major Airports. The scanners produce full body images in order to check for possible hidden weapons. Many people feel uncomfortable with these New machines and what they reveal. Now to add Insult to Injury, there aren't any current laws prohibiting wrongful use of Body Scan Images.
Sounds like trouble to me! 

Allegedly hundreds of Body Scan Images were leaked and made available via Internet. Recently, "Senator Charles Schumer announced legislation to make mis-use of the images a federal crime."-Web News This Body Scan Business is so Bitter Sweet! On one hand the added security protects us against possible Terror Attacks. On the other, passengers pictures are vulnerable to possible misuse by unprofessional airport security.

                     What to Do Guys? 

Well, I for one am going to the gym so my pic can be Hot!!

Does the New Body Scan Security Make you Feel Uncomfortable?Or will you be Slowing up the lines with a pat down request? Talk Is Cheap- Drop a dime On Em!

Historical Moments.

December.1, 2010 marks the 55th Anniversary of the Most Famous Montgomery Bus Boycott. 55 years ago a beautiful black seamstress named Rosa Parks made her mark in history for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger. Her courageous act of protest will never be forgotten. Rosa Parks we salute you and Thank you for your sacrifice.

One time for your Mind:Would the Civil Rights Activists of yesterday be content with the actions of our people today? Or Would they feel like their actions were in vein?

Talk Is Cheap- Drop a Dime On em!!!