Thursday, April 7, 2011

Procrastination: The New Dirty word!

Are you always putting things off for tomorrow that you can do today? Saying you will do" it" and never get anything done?! Setting the same goals that never gets accomplished?? Then you my friend are a Procrastinator!! Procrastination is the new swear word that needs to be banned from our language and lifestyles!!

Procrastinate: to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost.

Characteristics of a grade A Procrastinator
People who procrastinate tend to put off everything until the last minute. The phrase that pays is always, "I will do it tomorrow". They tend to be indecisive and evasive when it comes to decision making. Procrastinators are often bad with time management and planning.

OH My Goodness, I honestly feel like I am writing about myself! I tend to procrastinate often and suffer the consequences for putting things off until later. Procrastination is bad behavior that must be changed!

Have hope my fellow procrastinators...there is redemption for us yet!! Let's unite and turn over a new leaf!! Lets us do today what we intend on doing tomorrow because we don't want to do it tomorrow anymore??!! I have learned...The First step towards change is a positive attitude; believing that you can change for the better. The second step would be to eliminate all distractions and obstacles that are preventing you from completing your tasks. The third and fourth steps will be easier because the path will be clear for you to achieve your set goals.

 Here's to Good Health, inside and out!!! Igniting a Movement for self improvement!!



Are you a procrastinator? Do you plan to change your bad behavior?  
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What if your Favorite Rap Artist were Gay...

Would your favorite rapper, singer or actress be less appealing if you found out they were gay?! (Singing in my Wiz Khalifa voice) Yeah uh huh, you know what it is, rainbow colors, rainbow colors, rainbow colors!! 

Okay seriously, would your favorite celebrity be less appealing if you found out they were gay? Celebrities often hide their sexuality due to a fear of social stigmas and negative reaction from fans.

As fans we often indulge in the latest magazine articles and television interviews just to support and follow our favorite celebrities. But are we digging too deep when we want to know about their sex lives?! I honestly think that an individual's sexuality is very personal and totally separate from his/her professional career. It is sad to think that people are forced to hide who they really are in order to avoid public ridicule and violence. An artist should be loved and appreciated for his/her talent alone. 

Celebrities choose to commit themselves to an entertainment world that can be very cold. The spotlights display their talents as well as their flaws. Remember people, Celebrities are just like us, just with bigger wallets.

What do you think?? Would it make a difference if your favorite artist were Gay?? Talk is Cheap...

One Time for your Mind: Let us be mindful to the fact that there is a universal bond that unites us all.... humanity. This Blog was inspired by recent hate crimes and the current controversy involving Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee. Click Link to read-
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