Monday, February 28, 2011

The most Germ infested places - we touch Daily!!

What you can't see, can be very harmful to you! The average hand harbors about 150 different species of bacteria. Researchers have found that germs are able to survive on surfaces anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks!

 Here is a List of a few filthy things we touch daily.....

Let us start with our Finger Favorites:

The shopping cart handle, public drinking fountains and ATM buttons!! Saliva, bacteria and fecal matter can all be found on shopping cart handles. These handles are rarely cleaned and touched by hundreds of people daily! Public drinking fountains are full of germs too! Did you know that school fountains harbor up to 2.7 million germs per square inch of the spigot??!! Chinese researchers found that each ATM key contains on average 1,200 germs!!!

It is so important to constantly wash your hands with soap and warm water. It is also good practice to carry hand sanitizers! Hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of hand bacteria!!

Household Havens for Horrible Germs!!
Your Bathtub and wet laundry can be filled with tons of germs! Your tub may have more than 100,000 bacteria per square inch, including staph bacteria. Even though you regularly clean your tub, you use it to wash germs off your body and the moist environment makes it perfect for germs to grow.Wet laundry can pose a threat of E. coli exposure! One soiled undergarment can contaminate the whole load with bacteria!

Soiled laundry should be washed separately!! Set your washer on hot!! 150 degrees kills germs, in addition to using bleach which kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Hand bags are a Heavenly place for Bacteria! Bacteria travel in class, attached to our Nine West or Coach Bags!! Ladies, ever rest your purse on the bathroom floor or sink??? Recent studies show that women can carry tens of thousands of bacteria on the bottom of their purses. Researchers have found Staphylococcus bacteria, Salmonella and E. coli!!

Try hanging your purse on the hook in the bathroom and avoid resting it on the side of the sink. Bacteria can easily survive on our clothing and bags, posing a potential threat to our health.

Germs at the Gym!! Researchers have found Staphylococcus bacteria on Yoga mats and Cardio machines. Communal places are often covered with infectious germs that can pose a threat to our health. It is important to disinfect machines and mats at the gym!!

The list goes on...from door knobs to remote controls...What you can't see, Can hurt you! What do you think? Do you carry hand sanitizers in your bag? or will you after reading this article?? Check out this advertisement for hand sanitizers!!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cheaters: Having your cake and eating it too!

 Cheating can be a major concern for men and women in relationships. Some people like to have their cake and eat it too! Infidelity is one of the leading causes of relationship failures. I have heard women say "all men cheat" but that's not true... its fair ground these days. Men and women both cheat!

 Why do people Cheat??
There are many reasons why people cheat and they tend to vary between the sexes. Most men complain about not being satisfied sexually due to not having sex as much as they would like. Men also complain about variety, keeping  their sex life spicy and thrilling. A common complaint amongst women is a lack of emotional attention, this is one of the major reasons why women have affairs. Many women say they need to feel that they are desirable and wanted by their mates. Note, these listed reasons do not justify the act of infidelity!

Ever wonder who men and women cheat with? 
Three American studies revealed: 40% of cheaters admitted to cheating with a friend. 35% admitted to cheating with a co-worker. 22% of women admitted to having an affair with the ex-boyfriend. 23% of men admitted to cheating with a stranger, someone who they met at a bar. Lastly, 8 % of men admitting to cheating with someone they met online and 3% of the women admitted the same. It is proven that online cheating can be addictive; 90% of men and women who cheat online continue to initiate new online relationships!!

It is difficult when relationships reach these rough patches of miscommunication. Many of these problems can be prevented by spending the necessary time with your mate. You know the saying, take care of home first!!

Question of the Day: How do you forgive and move on? It is hard to mend a relationship after the trust has been compromised. Partners tend to develop insecurities and trust issues. Many people carry feelings of hurt from past relationships into new ones, ultimately making their new partners miserable.

What do you think? Could  you forgive your partner after cheating?? Or have you hurt someone by trying to have your cake and eat it too!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short Men: Big Things come in Small Packages

Does Height Really Matter?!

Many women have height preferences when it comes to dating. They often visualize their ideal man as being tall , dark and handsome. The average height for a man would be about 5'8, anything less is considered short. But are we being fair? Are our height preferences keeping us from meeting really great guys? Hhmm... something to think about ladies.

Many of us are brain washed into excepting preset standards of the ideal weight and height. Who in the world set these unrealistic "Barbie and Ken" standards for us to live by?! It seems a little primitive to assume that the Bigger Man is the better one. The word "Short" has a negative connotation associated with it, implying a lack or inferiority of some sort. Amazing enough, we have created this meaning, changing a description into a fault. It's kind of sad.

Napoleon Complex or short man syndrome is defined as an angry male of below the average height who feels it necessary to act out in an attempt to gain respect and recognition from others to compensate for his abnormally short stature. Many short men feel they have something to prove. They tend to be a bit more competitive and aggressive socially, due to this inferiority complex.

One time for your Mind: A good man, is a good man, whether he is tall, short, white, brown or purple. We are all entitled to having preferences, but don't let these preferences discriminate and judge people prematurely. What do you think? Is Height and issue for you? Or perhaps weight??!!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cosmetic Surgery: The Opt to Nip n Tuck

What God didn't give you... you can simply purchase!

Cosmetic Surgery is on the rise! What was once an option for Hollywood's Elite and upper middle class, is now available to everyone! The average Joe or Jane with a steady job or a half way decent credit line, can opt for plastic surgery! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 13.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in the United States in 2010, up 5 percent from 2009. Booty, Booty, booty, booty rocking everywhere!! (Sorry Yin Yang Twins Moment)

The most common procedures are Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and the very popular  Buttock Augmentation.

Choosing to Nip n Tuck?
There is mixed opinion about Cosmetic Surgery... Honestly, If I could afford a top of the line surgeon and his top of the line prices... I would totally consider cosmetic surgery. People choose to Nip and Tuck for many different reasons. Whether if its choosing to remove an unwanted birthmark or to have corrective or reconstructive surgery. All of these procedures should be well thought out. Choosing to enhance your beauty is a personal decision that you must make on your own or with your significant other.

Cosmetic Surgery Risks
All surgeries pose some sort of risk, but there are no short cuts to Cosmetic Surgery procedures! Cosmetic surgery should not be done in secret or in someones basement or by an unlicensed Practitioner!! Botched surgeries can cause irreversible damage and  possibly cost you your life. Just this week, Wed. Feb.9, a young woman died after receiving silicone injections in her buttocks. She traveled from London to a Philadelphia hotel to get the injections. It is reported that she later complained of chest pains and had trouble breathing; she later died at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. It is unclear if the individual who administered the injections was licensed or not, the investigation is still pending.

 Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Before and After

Have you ever considered Cosmetic Surgery? 
And If so, what would you have done??

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

One on One with Artist Beata Drozd

Born in Poland and educated at St. Martin's College of Art and Design in London, Beata Drozd began her career as a painter. She moved to New York City four years ago and began to concentrate on collages made from glossy magazines. The details of her portraits are so carefully constructed that her pieces look like paintings from a few feet away.- Gazette.Net

Beata Drozd creates breath taking collages from fabrics and Paper. Her most preferred paper comes right out of Vogue magazine and various high fashion publications.

                                                                      Photography by Alonzo Boldin

Online Interview:

Ms.Chyna BlaQ: Hi Beata, firstly I want to say it is a great pleasure to have you on my blog! Secondly, your art work is simply breath taking!! I want to ask you, what or who inspires your work?

Beata Drozd
: Beauty and  people inspire me. I love New York and  its energy which fills you to create and explore new subjects. I get lots of ideas from popular culture magazines, I am very passionate about VOGUE, its amazing photography and brilliant spectrum of colors

Ms.Chyna BlaQ:  What do you want people to know about Beata Drozd the artist?

Beata Drozd: I hope to be an artist who is very much a part of contemporary culture and who records moments in time through my technique and choice of the subject. I portray people who I meet and who inspire me.The popular culture is changing so rapidly. I would like to portray these exciting  stories and keep them alive.

Ms.Chyna BlaQ: I want to also Congratulate you on your first solo show, this Thursday, Feb.3rd!! All eyes will be on you and your art work, are you nervous at all? And how did you prepare for this event?   

Beata Drozd: I am very happy with the artwork in the show at Andre Zarre Gallery. The collages have reference to some great masterpieces and bring them to contemporary reality, like the portrait of Andre Leon Talley inspired by "Innocent X" by Velazquez. The collage is made from pieces of paper with the latest fashion collections, furs and a PRADA bag. The portrait of Maggio Cipriani inspired by "Young Knight in a Landscape" by Vittore Carpaccio shows a young prince of New York in an 'Iron Man' like outfit, facing the chaos of the great cosmopolis.

Ms.Chyna BlaQ: What do you wish to accomplish from your show, "The Million Dollar Celebrities"???

Beata Drozd: Hahaha! I should be more realistic.... 

Ms. Chyna BlaQ: Beata Drozd...Where do you see yourself in 5 years!

Beata Drozd: To be a subject of another show "One Million Dollar Celebrities" 

Ms. Chyna BlaQ: Beata you are a Colleague and a friend, I wish you much success in all your endeavors. I will be at your Show this Thursday with Bells On!! Thank you so much for your time.

Beata Drozd
The Million Dollar Celebrities 
February 1- March.12,2011
Opening Reception
Thursday, February.3,2011 6-8pm
529 West 20th Street, New York, N.Y, 1011

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