Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sweet Memories of Aaliyah: 10 years later

It's hard to believe, but today marks the Ten year anniversary of the Beautiful R&B Singer's death. Ten years ago today Aaliyah died in a horrible plane crash in the Bahamas. Aaliyah and her team had just completed her "Rock the Boat" video and were headed back to the states, when their two engine plane crashed shortly after take off.

Aaliyah stood out from many with her unique style, breath taking beauty and undeniable talent. The R&B Singer was about to dominant the music scene with her constant flow of hits like, "Back & Forth," "Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number," "Are You That Somebody" and "We Need A Resolution". Aaliyah's career was not limited to music alone, she modeled and worked on her own film "Queen of the Damned".

I remember hearing the news of Aaliyah's death and couldn't believe my ears. I remember the tears, the songs and many t-shirts with her face spray painted on them. She was very talented and beautiful, she had so much more to give the world through her music. Aaliyah's musical legacy has left us with many beautiful memories. Rest in Peace Aaliyah Dana Haughton! You will always be remembered.

What do you remember about Aaliyah?
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  1. I was thinking along the same lines a couple of weeks ago, she was an icon to many trains of thought outside of entertainment. She will subtly remain idolized in a Lolita-like manner forever. I haven't listened to any of her music in years and found myself listening to a recent mixtape crafted around the compilation of her catalog. Kind of sad,