Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is Chivalry Dead??

The act of Chivalry is usually associated with men; a traditional like behavior of courtesy and respect towards women.

When is the last time someone held the door for you? Or the last time a gentlemen raised up and offered his seat on the train or bus?? As time moves on theses gestures of kindness and respect from men towards women seem to be a dying tradition.

Is Chivalry truly Dead!!

Ladies, imagine if you were on a date and your date did not pull out the chair or hold the door for you...Would this behavior bother you at all??? Well personally, I would be a bit annoyed and turned off. Being a gentlemen shows that you were brought up to have manners and respect for others. A lack of respect or courtesy are sure fire signs of selfishness. Run now or suffer later in the relationship!
Where are all the gentlemen at??!!

Maybe I'm a little Old school...but when I see strong able bodied "men" that refuse to offer their seats to the elderly or disabled... it just gets my blood to boiling!! How could anyone with a concience not get up for a pregnant lady or a disabled person?!

I don't want to male bash in my blog or to seem pessimistic about the topic at hand...But I'm a lady who truly appreciates the courteous behavior of any gentlemen. Courtesy and Respect are human qualites that should never lessen with time. I guess if we (men and women) all paused for a second to think of others, the world would be a kinder place.

Whats you take on this topic??  Is Chivalry really Dead????

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  1. oh hell yea is been long dead foreal. very few men still got it, especially the old school kinder guy. my husband hasnt open the door for me in decades..lol! unless i yell at him say ' open the got dam door"...gigglin1 u see him laugh and shakes his head

  2. yeah its dead. and with good reason. you gotta earn respect, you dont get it just cuz you got a vag

  3. Oh My!! That's interesting...How about plain ole' common courtesy?? Is that dead too???