Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Bedroom Mood Breakers

In the passion of a love making moment, something could be said or done that can ruin the entire mood. Passionate moments between you and your lover can easily turn frustrating when a few inappropriate things are said or done. Here is a list of 10 bedroom mood breakers that can turn pillow talk into a get up and walk!

Insecurities and Distrust

Your partner gets side tracked by his or her own physical insecurities and wants to ask: "Am I too fat?", "Am I big enough?" or even the infamous "Do you find me attractive?"  

"Are you sleeping with someone else?" Partners may also take the time to ask if you are cheating or being unfaithful. Your partner's lack of trust or self confidence can indeed be a turn off in the bedroom.

Rating your Sexual Performance

Sometimes a partner may want to know how they are ranking in the performance area and blurt out things like: "Am I the best you ever had?" or even "Tell me you like it!" Putting pressure on your mate to say things that you want to hear is a huge turn off!! Trust me if you are doing whats right, you will know it.

Bedroom Blurted Blunders

Saying the wrong name, thinking of someone or something else, random and unusual requests and last but not least; trying something totally new can also put an end to a romantic encounter.

This is a small list of sure fire mood breakers that can prevent you and your partner from having a good time. It is important to let the passion flow freely and safely. Your partners sexual preferences or intimate desires should be discovered way before getting to the bedroom.

Have you heard any of these statements in the bedroom?? Or maybe you have something new to add to the list....
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