Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who In The World is 50 Tyson??!

50 Tyson is a young man from Minnesota, who is practically famous for his internet buzz on You Tube! Antonio Henderson Davis, suffers from Autism, and has a striking resemblance to Rapper 50 Cent and Former Heavy weight Champion Mike Tyson. Yes, Yes its True! If Tyson and 50 Cent had a baby, He would be 50 Tyson!

50 Tyson gained tremendous popularity from his series of  You Tube videos. You Tube viewers find humor in his choppy repetitious lyrical delivery and uncanny look, so much so, they clicked well over a combined 4 million times to see him!!

50 Tyson Before

50 Tyson Now

This young man has a  new single out " I ain't gonna Lie" along with a series of hot new T shirts being sold online. A portion of the 50 Tyson T- Shirt sales will go towards children with Autism.

50 Tyson is he a Real Artist to you are a True Spectacle?! 
Is he given a chance to shine because he's makes for a Good laugh?! HHmmmm, with that being said, who isn't these days?! Practically every new artist signed has a gimmick of some sort that they use to keep fans entertained. Look at Nicki Minaj with her animated style, constant wig changes and silicone posterior. How about Waka Flocka with his Head Bobbing, slow paced Dirty South Swagger and Dazed Looks?! Its hard to tell these days who really rode on that little yellow bus.

I have mixed feeling about 50 Tyson's overnight success, but at the same time, I am very happy for him. Hell he is 10 steps ahead of  a few "Normal" rappers that I know. Well whats your take on 50 Tyson?!  Are you laughing with him or at Him?

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bishop Eddie Wrong... Oops I meant Long.

 What in God's name is Going on these Days?!

Church Scandal, After Church Scandal!!!

 Bishop Eddie Long is the Pastor of  the 25,00 member Church called The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. Bishop Long is widely known for his conservative views against gay marriage and his long running campaign against pre-marital sex. Ironically The Pastor is being accused of seducing several young men within his ministry. Two young men filed law suits accusing the Pastor of coercing them with lavish gifts and expensive trips in exchange for sexual favors.

Bishop Long recently addressed his congregation proclaiming his innocence in the case. He vows to fight the allegations and eventually clear his name. Meanwhile, some people are calling for the long loved Bishop to step down.

Making Matters worse... pictures have surfaced on the internet of the Pastor posing in a red muscle shirt. These pictures are claimed to be sent to the alleged victims cell phones from Bishop Long himself.

I don't know what to say or think about this situation. In the United States, it seems a man is guilty and must prove himself innocent, so I don't want to rush and pass judgment on Bishop Long. But If these accusations are true, then this man is very wrong and should be punished. I am against any member of the Clergy misusing church funds or Power of influence to mislead people.Especially Young People!!

Whats your take on This Bishop Eddie Long , Is he WronG??

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~Its Ms. Chyna BlaQ ~

Friday, September 24, 2010

TakiN your Man to The Strip Club.

The Strip Club, a place where flawless women run free with their sculpted physiques that are blessed by God himself!

Okay People, I am directing this question to the Ladies, because I am yet to see a man take his Boo to a Male strip Club.... So Ladies! Do you take your Hunny to the Strip Club? Or Do you trust him enough to go with the fellas? Inquiring minds want to know!

Now a Days, Men don't really have to sneak or keep it a secret that they are going to the strip club! Lots of women are taking their men to the strip clubs without  any hesitation. Birthday gifts or pampered weekends consist of a front row seat and a stack of ones! OH My!

Does this Lead to Trouble?!

Will taking your man to the strip club come back to hunt you??
There is nothing wrong with playing a part in fulfilling your man's fantasy. But I think the joint visit to strip club just opens the door to your lover having other requests. Don't think for a second he is not thinking of you, him and her! Why not? It's the Ultimate Male Fantasy?! Oouu la la!

Its so funny how things work these days, women are able to be ambiguous with their sexuality. We can be Heterosexual one day or Bi-sexual another day, it doesn't matter much to men; Either way they can benefit! Hell, I'm sure they are content with just watching!

Now why doesn't this work the other way around?! Instead of asking us to go watch women wobble and Drop it like its hot... Lets try this. Hunny can you come with me to the strip club? I want you to watch me enjoy these muscle bond men with anacondas named Charlie, that wiggle when they see the Benjamins Baby!? Pleeaassee!!!! Men aren't as understanding when the situations are reversed.

Ok so, The Question of the Day : Is it Okay for your man to go to the Strip Club? Do you feel a way when he does go? Or do you tag along and go with him? Inquiring Minds want to know! Giggle Giggle! Talk is Cheap- Drop 2 dimes on em!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

First Date Sex?

There is plenty of mixed opinion when it comes to having sex on the first date. Some people think its trashy to give up the goods too soon. Others think it is totally fine for two consenting adults to have sex on the first date.
                 So whats the BIG deal?

Does it really matter if you decide to have sex on the first date or not? I think it matters more to women. Women are often worried about how they are perceived afterward. Will he call? Some women wonder will their partner call the next day or should they chalk it up as a one night stand?! While Men on the other hand, just beat their chest and add another notch to their belt!

Perceptions and Misconceptions

 Why are women looked at differently when it comes to having casual sex? Or Sexuality as a whole?! Sexually assertive women are looked down upon, labeled as being loose or desperate. Take a look at the language we use,  sexually active women are often called out their name.  Hoe! Slut! Tramp! While sexually assertive men are labeled as studs, pimps or a joked about as being a  "Playa Playa".  So Not Fair People!!

When it comes to sex, people tend to be gender bias. Girls are often encouraged to save themselves and refrain from any "sinful" acts.  Girls are taught early age to wait until they are married. In many cultures abroad it is mandatory for a female to be a virgin before marriage. If she is not, she is considered spoiled goods or ruined, dishonoring her family's name. Boys have it a bit easier, they are often encouraged to explore the world and become "bread winners" or sow their wild oats!!  Go get em' tiger! Make that money and hump away!

                                     Plain Sexism if you ask me!!  

Okay Back to the Topic at hand!  So when is it the right time for two people to have sex?  There isn't right or wrong answer to this question. I think it is up to the individual. If you decide to have sex on the first date, it is your personal choice. Women or Men should not be judged or labeled for choosing to have casual sex, Just Be Safe!! We don't want to see you on Maury!! 

Talk Is Cheap!! What do you think? First Date Sex Anyone???

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eating Good in your Hood

Do you remember when you were younger how far $1 would go? One Dollar could buy you a quarter water, chips, cookies and a piece of candy! Even thou the combination of treats we ate had absolutely no nutritional value, they were a quick fix to after school hunger.

Junk food is a quick handy remedy to hunger that's pocket friendly. Brightly colored wrappers and snappy advertisements help to stir up cravings for these fat packed snacks!  From Dollar slices to $2 dollar chicken meals, its hard to pass up a good bargain when it comes to eating out.

Everywhere you go, there are fast food chains with price friendly food specials that try to lure people in. Dollar Menus are great for people who only have a few dollars to spare. These Fun foods pack on weight and directly contribute to the Obesity Epidemic that plagues America today.

Why is it Cheaper to Make bad Choices and More expensive to Make Good ones?!

Poor people buy cheap because they have no other choice!
These days everyone is trying to stay afloat and food options are limited. Organic foods, Green salads and fresh vegetables cost more and are less filling. Imagine families with 2 to 3 children to feed, their monthly food bills must be startling. This is why many large families focus on purchasing grains over vegetables. Rice and pastas are low in cost, providing a large family a hearty meal that's filling each day.

People tend to purchase what they can afford. Often times the foods people purchase are high in sodium or sugars, which can lead to health problems when eaten regularly. So what can people do? Well we can start by making smart choices with our meals. Even on a budget it is imperative for us to make healthier choices. We have to learn how to eat!

Chyna's Radical Thoughts:
I often wonder if its all by design. A systematic way to keep people oppressed and dependent on Doctors! Fatty foods lead to obesity, obesity leads to ailments, ailments lead to expensive medications or possible Surgery. So if you can afford good food you are screwed? Hhmmm
Slaves were given the unwanted discarded portions of meat by their Masters.These unwanted scraps were the fatty portions of beef and pork we often see in Supermarkets today. These fatty cuts are very inexpensive. Oxtails, Cow feet, Neck bones are the main ingredient to many popular soul food dishes. Food links us to our history.You do the Math because it all adds up!

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