Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who In The World is 50 Tyson??!

50 Tyson is a young man from Minnesota, who is practically famous for his internet buzz on You Tube! Antonio Henderson Davis, suffers from Autism, and has a striking resemblance to Rapper 50 Cent and Former Heavy weight Champion Mike Tyson. Yes, Yes its True! If Tyson and 50 Cent had a baby, He would be 50 Tyson!

50 Tyson gained tremendous popularity from his series of  You Tube videos. You Tube viewers find humor in his choppy repetitious lyrical delivery and uncanny look, so much so, they clicked well over a combined 4 million times to see him!!

50 Tyson Before

50 Tyson Now

This young man has a  new single out " I ain't gonna Lie" along with a series of hot new T shirts being sold online. A portion of the 50 Tyson T- Shirt sales will go towards children with Autism.

50 Tyson is he a Real Artist to you are a True Spectacle?! 
Is he given a chance to shine because he's makes for a Good laugh?! HHmmmm, with that being said, who isn't these days?! Practically every new artist signed has a gimmick of some sort that they use to keep fans entertained. Look at Nicki Minaj with her animated style, constant wig changes and silicone posterior. How about Waka Flocka with his Head Bobbing, slow paced Dirty South Swagger and Dazed Looks?! Its hard to tell these days who really rode on that little yellow bus.

I have mixed feeling about 50 Tyson's overnight success, but at the same time, I am very happy for him. Hell he is 10 steps ahead of  a few "Normal" rappers that I know. Well whats your take on 50 Tyson?!  Are you laughing with him or at Him?

Talk is oh so Cheap! Drop A Dime On Em!

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