Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Support...where is it?!

Hey Its me Ms.Chyna BlaQ! Here to air out some real facts! Well as you know creating events and shopping out venues is a small part of my grind. I love having a hand in creating successful social events. It makes me feel good to see others really enjoy themselves. I get pleasure in helping to create a platform for artists to display their talents....but where is the Support?! If there is a smalll door fee, its there for a reason! People don't understand it costs to keep these spots open!! Owners need to pay rent!! Djs need to be Paid!! Hell I don't even get paid!! It gets a bit frustrating when the Fellas are squeezing that 5 or 10 dollars!! Or want to breeze by with the lame head nod like, "what up fam"?! C'mon Son!!! Yes its the Fellas!! I have noticed Females support way more and don't have a problem paying at the door or the bar!!! HHhhmmmm.

You don't want to pay at the door but you got 10 songs and we can't get you off stage. Preach!!! Okay, I am going to be good. Lets Step our game up people and support each other please!! How do you feel about it? Am I Dead wrong for posting this Blog?! Lets Agree to Disagree? Remember talk is Cheap- Drop a Dime on Em!!

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  1. I agree with you most dudes wanna just shine but dont wanna put in the work . being your just startina new venue give it sometime do what you normally do give people a reason to come out and pay that cash .what you can do also is dont just make it a hip hop open mic be diverse try to bring some more folks . jaeo 106 weston