Monday, November 7, 2011

Conrad Murray is Found Guilty!

After a two- year legal battle over who is responsible for pop singer Michael Jackson's untimely death...the verdict is finally in! A California jury found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Dr. Murray reacted with little emotion as the verdict was read. Crowds of Jackson fans burst into cheers as they got word of the long awaited verdict.

Despite the guilty verdict, Dr. Murray will spend little to no time in jail.

"Following the announcement of the guilty verdict, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley confirmed to reporters that due to those recent changes in California law, Murray was not likely to do any prison time. "It was a homicide, someone lost their life, three children lost time with their father because of someone's criminal negligence," said Cooley when asked if the prosecution was worth it given the almost-certain knowledge that Murray would not spend time in prison. "In that regard, it was worth it to prove that point."-online news

Do you think Dr. Conrad Murray is responsible for Michael Jackson's death? and if so...Do you think his punishment is just??? 

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  1. Poor Dr Maurry only u and God knows what really happened in that room, unfortunately the jury has reach the verdict and I didn't see ur face move an inch cause u know u were quilty as charged. Anyways u should have stayed ur behind in haiti while u could but u had to come chase the big bucks I guess. This is a lesson to everyone money hungry fella like u,,, this is a price u pay when u become selfish and let urself get caught up in the mix of money and fame. Now Mike died knowing very well he had a problem and no one reached out and helped him by not participating in his addiction ,look now someone has to pay for crime that was commited years before Dr Maurry came to the pix.....pitiful! I'm gonna miss ur moves Mickey