Friday, February 18, 2011

Cheaters: Having your cake and eating it too!

 Cheating can be a major concern for men and women in relationships. Some people like to have their cake and eat it too! Infidelity is one of the leading causes of relationship failures. I have heard women say "all men cheat" but that's not true... its fair ground these days. Men and women both cheat!

 Why do people Cheat??
There are many reasons why people cheat and they tend to vary between the sexes. Most men complain about not being satisfied sexually due to not having sex as much as they would like. Men also complain about variety, keeping  their sex life spicy and thrilling. A common complaint amongst women is a lack of emotional attention, this is one of the major reasons why women have affairs. Many women say they need to feel that they are desirable and wanted by their mates. Note, these listed reasons do not justify the act of infidelity!

Ever wonder who men and women cheat with? 
Three American studies revealed: 40% of cheaters admitted to cheating with a friend. 35% admitted to cheating with a co-worker. 22% of women admitted to having an affair with the ex-boyfriend. 23% of men admitted to cheating with a stranger, someone who they met at a bar. Lastly, 8 % of men admitting to cheating with someone they met online and 3% of the women admitted the same. It is proven that online cheating can be addictive; 90% of men and women who cheat online continue to initiate new online relationships!!

It is difficult when relationships reach these rough patches of miscommunication. Many of these problems can be prevented by spending the necessary time with your mate. You know the saying, take care of home first!!

Question of the Day: How do you forgive and move on? It is hard to mend a relationship after the trust has been compromised. Partners tend to develop insecurities and trust issues. Many people carry feelings of hurt from past relationships into new ones, ultimately making their new partners miserable.

What do you think? Could  you forgive your partner after cheating?? Or have you hurt someone by trying to have your cake and eat it too!!

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  1. Forgiveness is a key but move on and take a brake, reaccess urself and put urself together for the next relationship. I know from experience us women carry that burdin with us. An a constant reminder of what has been done to us. So just move on, NEEEXT....!