Monday, March 21, 2011

Boxers or Briefs: Does it really matter??

I wonder... Which do men prefer, Boxers or Briefs?! I thought about this as I road the train home from work and searched my brain for interesting topics to blog about. What can be more interesting then finding out from men if they prefer their privates mobile or stationary?! Inquiring mind would like to know.

Boxers or Briefs, which do you prefer?

I have seen a few pairs of boxers, briefs and boxer-briefs in my day. If I may speak for all women and say, what a man wears underneath can enhance or ruin a romantic encounter. Hideous prints or tight diaper like draws, do nothing for me! Just imagine things are getting hot n heavy...then you see giant green clovers or a stain adorned on what he would call underwear...eeewwww. No thank you.

You can tell a lot about men and their underwear!
Lets take a look at the men who rely on their wives or mothers to purchase their undergarments; these men tend to be less responsible and more dependent on others to make decisions. Men who take pride in purchasing and choosing their own undergarments tend be more assertive and confident in character.

Is there a real difference in personality or swag when it comes to the style of underwear men choose?! Male readers we need your help!! Enlighten us women by telling us which you prefer Boxers, Briefs or Boxers Briefs??? and Why??

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