Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stayin A Head Of The Game!

How do you feel when you see these Faces grace the covers of top selling magazines?! What does it feel like to see them interviewed by Oprah or flood the book shelves with publications of their tell all memoirs? These Ambitious Vixens have obtained instant celebrity status by exposing their sexual escapades to the world! The Media and tabloids has embraced these Sexy Divas and given them their 15 minutes of  fame with benefits!

Do sex scandals lead to success?  Let us ask Monica Lewinsky, Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Kardashian, "Super Head" aka Karrine Steffans and others, who have gained success and power from it. These women are sex icons and will forever be remembered for their dirty deeds. They have successfully made a mark on the entertainment world. And An ever lasting impression, whether we think it good or bad. Do you Disagree? Google them please!

Whats makes these Vixens any different from anyone else?

We live in a competitive society where anything goes! America the Great! Home of  Straight Capitalism, a creation of goods or services for profit in a market! Sex sells!! So Let it! Don't dare point the finger! Too many of us have helped to catapult these ladies straight up that express ladder of success.

The Media publicizes these sexy scandals and we, the consumer, embrace it!
Do you have a Problem with these "entrepreneurs"?
Talk Is Cheap! Drop a Dime on Em!

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  1. I love this shit. so inspired by Ms.Chyna Black. You keep doing your thang girl. I see major things in your future.