Monday, August 30, 2010

Full Figured Fun!

From Lucille Ball to Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood is no stranger to full figured Booties. Oops I mean Beauties! Many of the early Hollywood sex symbols wore a size 10 or better! Their hour glass shapes represented the normal eating women of America.

Why has Hollywood's image of Beauty changed so drastically in the past 50 years? Once glamorized Full Figured 10's are now pushed aside for ultra thin size 0's. These fashioned frail frames advertised contribute to  many of the problems and insecurities women have concerning their self image today. Too many women have purged, taken diets pills or skipped meals to achieve "model like" looks. Did you know that studies show girls start dieting as early as 10 years of age?


       Do you Look Like a Barbie Doll?

The Barbie doll is an unrealistic design of a woman created by a man. This tippy toed, tiny waist, multi-profession Diva should have crows feet and bunions by now! This Doll is a total unrealistic fabrication of  what a woman should look like!  But yet Plastic surgeons make millions daily carving her likeness onto brain washed, low self esteemed women! Since when does emaciated or stick figured mean sexy?!

Curves are the current trend these days! Doesn't everybody like a little meat on their bones?! A little Steak on their Plate! Well whether Hollywood embraces it or not, these Divas are sporting their Lovely Lady Humps! Men are going bonkers over all this full figured fun! Some men have a preference for fuller framed females. A Voluptuous woman can match the beauty of thin model any day. Their beauty should be appreciated and equally represented in magazines.

                          Real Beauty starts with good health and happiness.

 At the end of the day, our perception of beauty should not be based on what Hollywood finds acceptable. It should be based on what we as women find to be acceptable and how we feel about ourselves. Extreme confidence is the key, feeling good about yourself makes you more attractive and illuminates the real you! Embrace and own your uniqueness!

Are you a full figured Vixen, who is proud of her God given Curves? Speak!!! Are you a Male or Female who prefers their women curvy??  Speak!!

Talk is Cheap! So Drop a Dime on em!!
~Ms. Chyna Black~

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