Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do you like your Meat Beat? A Farm Animal's untold Truth...

From Farm to Fridge (uncut)

Wouldn't you like to know what happens to your meat before you buy it? Chances are, the animal you are about to eat was beaten, sick or dying before it reached the slaughter house. Animals raised on Factory farms live short painful lives. They are raised by the thousands and jammed into tight cages that restrict any natural movement. Factory farm animals are forced fed hormones, antibiotics and various stimulants to promote rapid growth. These stimulants in the meat contribute to many human ailments, such as advanced puberty and various cancers.

Are you against Animal Cruelty?

I do not condone any type of animal cruelty. We as consumers have to take a stand!! I am not suggesting that we all become vegetarians. There are more humane ways to treat animals raised for food. We can make a difference! Our vote counts at the register! Make sure your meat has a label that says Certified Humane Raised & Handled, this insures that the animals were handled properly.(Well I think it does?!) The healthiest choice would be not to eat meat at all, the secondary choice would be to purchase organic meats or poultry. I mean really, if the Cow was green before it died.... do you really want to eat the meat from it?!

We should really be more concerned about the conditions of the meat we eat it!The video posted contains graphic images of the abuse that many animals endure at Factory Farms; discretion is advised.

After watching this video I wondered if the labels really matter?! These farmers do exactly what they want to do! I mean Really!! Castration without a mere flinch! These men are cold!!

One time for your Mind:The meat and poultry industry is the largest segment of United States agriculture.Total meat and poultry production in 2007 reached more than 91.5 billion pounds.-American Meat Institute. And Despite it's decline...According to the USDA,in 2009 Americans consumed 26.9 Billion pounds of Beef. All that beef translates into a whopping $73 billion dollars in profit. 

Question: Where's the Beef?
Answer: On your plate!

Two times for your mind: Many of our sea creatures suffer abuse and cruelty as well.  Dolphins, whales and many large sea creatures are chopped up alive and left to bleed out. Scientists proved that sea animals suffer and feel pain like any other land animals. Did you know that most of the mercury that people are exposed to comes from fish consumption?!  Mercury is poisonous to the body and can cause damage to the central nervous system.

In my opinion, eating a fish while it's still alive is totally wrong! It's slow torture and pain that it can feel! I just would not do it. Some people do it and even find it entertaining...

*Discretion is advised*

What do you think? After watching these videos... would you stop eating certain meats??  Drop a Dime... I truly value your opinion!! 

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