Friday, August 6, 2010

Ambitious Women in the Music Industry... Can you Handle it?

Why are Ambitious women so misunderstood? Is there something wrong or threatening about an educated woman who is professional in the music industry? Intelligent and determined women are often perceived as "bitches" or "dikes". It is really sad to see the roles woman have to resort to playing in order to gain a little  respect.

Dumb it down and smile for the camera! Cheese!

Some time ago I was being interviewed by an independent entertainment company, who will remain nameless, through out the interview some strange comments were made. The CEO of  the nameless company asked me if I went to school and do I always talk like this?! Like what? I did not understand what or who he was looking for, but it was very clear it wasn't me. Since when does articulation keep you from getting a job? How could and education hold you back or alienate you from your own group of people?! 

Ok Just venting and enjoying day # 2 of blogging it!
Talk is Cheap - Drop a dime on em!
Chime in and tell me how you feel. We can Agree to Disagree! Its all Good! 

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