Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light skin vs. Dark skin...


The battle of the shades!

Why are we lead to believe that Lighter shades of skin are more attractive than darker shades of skin?!

Finger through your top five fashion magazines in any local news stand and you will see for yourself what I mean. Lighter skin is glamorized on most advertisement used in magazines. Lots of High End fashion designers use fair skin models to advertise their products and clothing lines. The pop singer Beyonce is a spokesperson for Loreal  hair products. The company was accused of airbrushing her finalized pictures and making her skin a lighter complexion. Loreal of coarse denied the accusations, claiming they did no such thing. hhmmm. Is lighter skin really more attractive than darker skin?

Most neighborhood beauty supply stores have an isle dedicated to countless skin lighteners and fade creams. These creams are designed to be used to even skin tones and fade dark marks. Many darker skin people purchase and apply these fade creams daily, in hopes of lightening their entire complexion. If you notice the before and after pictures on this bleaching cream advertisement, the model looks happy being lighter. The "before" picture shows her sad with the darker complexion?!

 We have been brain washed and our perception of beauty much distorted.

The Media contributes to this problem tremendously. Lighter and darker images are used to represent the extreme contraries of the world, good and evil. Angels are portrayed with fair skin and draped in light colored clothing. They are clean, untouched and remain close to God. Darker images are used in association with sin, crime and evil.

When will we wake up and say that this is wrong?
What messages are we sending to our children?! They need to know that ,true Beauty comes from within! Darker complexions are just as beautiful as lighter complexions! Love yourself and own your uniqueness Whats your take on it?

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  1. Wow! Great topic. It's mental slavery. We are taught to hate ourselves or to feel insufficient. I had a young lady tell me one time that she hated her complexion. I had to explain to her that her dark skin was a part of her strength. I explain to her that our complexion and the strength and possibilities with it that led to us being slaves. Not that being a slave is a good thing but it's the fact that our pigmentation allowed us to work in the sun while others were dying.

  2. I love my blacknesss ok so as the black brothers *smile* to hell with bleaching the skin not me not now not ever. I'm proud and blessed to be just the way I am. I wish many more would feel the same as I do. Unfortunately people are caught up with bleaching and turning... I guess that's what sociaty defines it as beauty. WRONG!

    If u don't know beauty ,let me show u one lmao!

  3. Thank you so much for your Opinions guys! It is important to love yourself and embrace your uniqueness!! Talk is definitely Cheap...Drop a dime on em!!

  4. I just saw this on google because i was discussing with my girlfriend who was the hottest chocolate girl in the world besides herself lol. This is a great topic. I am a firm believer in the "blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice" section. Peace