Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NYPD's STop and Frisk STats

The recently released NYPD "Stop and Frisk" policy stats are completely alarming! It is reported that 9 out of 10 people that were "stopped and Frisked"in 2011 were African American or Hispanic! In 2011 there were close to 700,000 stops reported by police that year.

"The data comes from a report released by the NYPD Monday, which showed that of the 685,724 stops made by police that year, 53% of those questioned were black, 34% were Latino, 9% were white and 3% were Asian... The citywide population in 2011 was 23.4% black, 29.4% Hispanic, 12.9% Asian, and 34.3% non-Hispanic white, according to the report."- CNN

These numbers are unbelievable!! These numbers also bring the major problem of racial profiling to the fore front!! Racial profiling is illegal and unjust tactic that should not be used when stopping an individual that looks "suspicious".

The Stop and Frisk policy is a strategy originally created  to decrease crime in many of our communities. The top reasons for stop and frisk encounters are to check for weapon possession.
According to Police Commissioner Kelly all stop and frisk encounters are reported by police and they are meant to "increase public confidence". Whose confidence??

"The city’s reliance on stop and frisk has come under intense scrutiny and legal challenges. Critics say that the police unfairly target black and Hispanic young men, who have made up 85 percent of those stopped."- The New York Times

I am writing this story in response to my son's homework assignment tonight. The assignment talked about the NYPD's Stop and frisk policy and how the very same policy might affect him. This homework assignment really stimulated plenty of thoughts in my mind and really messed with my emotions.  I am strongly against any policy that would discourage or diminish the confidence, pride or dignity of an individual by violating his or her personal space and constitutional rights!! This policy profiles people based on race and sends a negative message to the community! It also encourages racism by stereotyping a particular group and labeling them as "suspicious"!! What do suspicious people look like??? What do criminals look like??

I do not want my son followed around a store or targeted on the streets because he fits the description of a "suspicious" individual! I dedicate this blog to my son who is a Black and Hispanic male growing up in the heart of New York City. *I Love you Jay!*

One Time for your Mind!! - I am not bashing all police officers! I understand that their job is not easy. But we need to regulate this policies today!! Please check out this very thought provoking cartoon and tell me what you think. Remember stand for something or fall for anything!!
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