Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'Avengers' Break Box Office Records!

I'm Marvel-ing over the opening weekend of the Avengers!! The Avengers movie has broken box office records by grossing a cool $200 million on opening sales! Its the first film to pass $200 million in 3 days domestically! Reports show that in the past 12 days the Avengers movie has racked in a whopping total of $641.8 million globally! Oh My Gosh!!!

Like many people I gazed bug eyed at the silver screen this weekend, enjoying every action filled moment of the movie. My favorite characters are the Hulk, Iron man and Thor! Constant Action, Humor and more than one extremely sexy man to look at, are always a great combination for a weekend movie date! I really enjoyed this movie and wouldn't hesitate to go see it again!

Did you see the Avengers yet???

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