Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to cure a case of the co-worker Blues.

Are you suffering from a case of the co-worker blues? Stress or tension with a fellow colleague can complicate any work day. Aggressive "know it alls" and Office Bugs can make an 8 hour day seem like eternity. Here are some helpful tips that will effectively reduce your workplace blues!

 #1Meet and Greet
When arriving to work, try to be friendly and be engaging. Polite "Good mornings" and "Hellos", help to generate positive energy that you will need to fuel the rest of your day.

 #2When in doubt...SMILE
 A winning smile covers up all signs of tension and stress, even if its fake! Smile!

*Remember you don't want to let office bugs know they are actually getting under your skin.
#3 Mums the word
Arguments or open hostility at work only make the situation worse! If the tension has peaked, don't speak! *Avoid the conflict* *Think* You need your job and no one is worth you putting in jeopardy.

#4 Kill them with Kindness
 If its not too hard for you... hold the door open for others, refill the coffee pot or even set out an office treat! *These actions are not considered "brown nosing" or sucking up. Its just killing them with kindness.

If you get angry, they win. Show "Office Meanies" that you are not effected by their negativity! Try to follow a few of these suggestions and watch your days run smoother. Remember that you are bigger than the situation at hand and each day is going to be pleasant!

Are you suffering from co-worker blues?
Tell me all about it....

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