Saturday, July 9, 2011

Planking: The New Craze!

People from all over the world are posting planking pics! This latest Craze has many striking the stiff pose anywhere they can. People are planking at work, on vacation and almost anywhere that they can think of!

What is planking and why are people doing it????

The plank is an actual exercise position designed to strengthen and tighten the ab muscles. Please don't ask me how it worked its way to this because I honestly Don't Know!! But I do know that this new internet craze has become sort of a strange new competition. The trick is to capture your planking pic in a place that's unique and difficult to do.


Beware People!! Planking in odd places can be dangerous. People are raising the stakes on planking!! I have seen pictures of people planking on railings, ledges and even train tracks?!

This past May, a young man from Australia fell to his death by attempting to plank on a balcony railing in a pose similar to this pictured on the right.  At first I thought this whole planking craze was something really funny and entertaining. But of course you know too much of a good thing can go really bad...Please be careful people.

What do you think of this Planking Craze??
Are you Planking???

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