Friday, August 27, 2010

Cougar - Rific!

Living La Vida Cougar?! 

Now here I thought a cougar was a species of wild cat, But I must have been misinformed. So what exactly is a Cougar? The dictionary defines a cougar to be a female that dates a man significantly younger than herself. Okay. So whats all the fuss about? Is it a crime for a Gal to be older than her man?? Age should be based on how you feel and carry yourself, and not the actually number.

 Technically speaking...
 Research shows that women reach their sexual peeks at 40, while men touch down at 20! So it would make perfect sense for a older woman to date a younger man. Some men look for the experience, knowledge and sexual confidence most older women possess. Older women are ripened and have reached a point in their lives where they know exactly what they want.

I think any women would be attracted to the high energy levels men in their 20's possess... can you say stamina, stamina and more Stamina! Yes Lord! Okay.

 The emergence of a Sexy New Age-Defying Vibrant woman is a beautiful thing! We do not expire, or loose ourselves after tough life experiences like, child rearing, divorce or menopause. A woman re-innovates herself through experience and will forever possess beauty because of her ability to deliver new life into the world. 

Which ever way you spin it, Diva or Cougar... Ladies we are the Best!! Do it up!

Talk is Cheap! So Drop A Dime on em!
~Its Ms.Chyna Black~


  1. Aaaaah, gotta love the cougars

    I'm about to head out to Tabu tonight as a matter of fact...LOL



  2. Definitely some valid points Ms. Chyna. Nature has proven that most things get better w/ time ie: wine, cheese, catapillar/butterfly & of course coal/diamond.

  3. haha stamina, stamina and more Stamina!